Innovating to protect the environment and build sustainable homes

14th July 2021


Henley recently joined forces with SLURRYTUB, a portable wet building site waste solution which was developed by an Australian builder who was dealing with the problem on his jobs. He observed that the construction industry guidelines for disposing of slurry were impractical and often ignored, so he decided to do something about it.

Henley becomes the first major builder in Australia to work with the patented designed SLURRYTUB to have the Melbourne-made innovation set up for their trades. More than 100 SLURRYTUBS have been ordered by Henley to be distributed to sites immediately.

The site wash water, commonly called cement slurry, often flows into groundwater or onto the street and subsequently down a storm water drain. The slurry not only creates an unsightly mess on site, but it is an environmental hazard and the risk of inappropriate disposal of slurry may result in a large financial penalty for the builder.

Certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) which recognises products and services that are better for the environment and reduce the impact on human health, the SLURRYTUB, which can hold 35-40 litres, is a simple, yet effective product in treating wet trade waste material.

The cut out at the front of SLURRYTUB has been specifically tested and designed to support most commonly available wheelbarrows. The wheelbarrow should rest ‘handsfree’ in the SLURRYTUB front cut-out.

The SLURRYTUB allows the cleared water to drain into a protected wash up area or be captured and recycled on the job. After 30-60 minutes, the dried slurry with the biodegradable single-use filter, can be put in the skip bin or the contents taken off site and disposed of safely in accordance with environmental guidelines.

The SLURRYTUB is ideal for washing up after bricklaying, tiling, rendering, plastering and even for use under wet brick cutting saws to catch wastewater, all with a commitment to build sustainable homes.


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