Price Lock Until 30 September 2025

We’ve extended our PRICE LOCK UNTIL 30 SEPTEMBER 2025. This applies to your quoted list price for the house design you have chosen, façade cost, standard inclusions and promotion when you pay your initial deposit and sign a contract in the agreed timeframe. T&C's apply.

Future Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee that if our prices come down before your building permit is issued, you’ll get our best price. At your request, we’ll simply transfer you to the lower packaged price for your quoted house design, façade cost, with the standard inclusions and promotion that come with that lower price, even if you’ve signed a contract!
There is no reason to wait. You can lock in today’s price to ensure your price doesn’t go up and you have the comfort that the price can come down

More Choice

Over 56,000 Aussie families have chosen us because we understand choice and what it means to be able to personalise your home to suit YOU. This is what drives us.

Solar all electric homes with electric heating, cooling, induction cooking and hot water plus solar panels

Continue cooking with gas and you can still add solar panels to cut your electricity bills

Reduce your energy bills even further and go 7-star with our new Mainvue Collection

Part of the Sumitomo Forestry Group

We’re backed by a $7 billion parent company, Sumitomo Forestry Group.

This backing means you can choose us to build your home with absolute confidence.
Learn more about Sumitomo Forestry Group or read about their financials.

Solar all electric homes

You can choose to have a Solar All Electric home

Visit a display

Visit one of our display homes

mainvue collection

The Mainvue Collection

A new era in home design

Price lock applies to deposits taken after 2 January 2024. Price lock set as initial deposit date and no further price locks can be entered into and is available only to those customers who sign contracts and pay outstanding balance of contract deposit with Henley within the timeframes set out in the “Your building process” document and in any event by no later than 30 May 2025, provide all essential information required by clause 13.0 of the HIA contract by 30 July 2025, and achieve commencement of construction work on site on or before 30 September 2025. If timeframes are not met and contracts signed, Henley will have the right to terminate and reprice. Please be aware that pricing may increase for any changes necessary to comply with pending National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 amendments and these could occur after contract signing. Transfer to lower packaged price is only available to those who qualify for the 30 September 2025 price lock and only until the date on which building permit is issued. There will be no entitlement to elements of the original promotional offer if the decision is made to transfer to a subsequent lower base price offer. Lower base price must be taken with the standard inclusions and promotional offer available at the time of the reduction in pricing. Prime cost and provisional items will be revised once actual pricing received. $7B backing – Henley is part of Sumitomo Forestry Group, which has a shareholder funds position of AUS $7B (based on net assets of JPY 682.6 trillion as at 31 December 2022 converted at the average exchange rate over the 12 months to that date).