The Mainvue Collection

A new era in home design

We combined the art of beautiful home design with the science of value engineering to create The Mainvue Collection.

Our designers have included all the must-have, most popular design elements and inclusions, and with the latest architectural technology and decades of industry experience have identified build cost savings.

The result is a brand new range of 7-star energy efficient homes with the renowned Henley quality workmanship at prices your bank will love.

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 House & Land 

How did we do it?

We’ve debunked the build cost myth of 7-star energy efficiency by collaborating with structural engineers, leading suppliers and trusted trades. Our designers have left no stone unturned to bring you the most energy efficient house designs, at the best value price.

 Backed by our $7 billion parent company

Continual investment into R&D

Collaboration with structural engineers, trades and suppliers

✓ The latest in design planning

1. Backed by a $7 Billion parent company

We’re backed by a $7 billion parent company, the 330-year Sumitomo Forestry Group, a worldwide home builder. This support means we have the resources to continually invest in innovation, propelling the industry forward and providing our customers with the ultimate confidence.

Sumitomo Dwellings

2. Applying the latest in design thinking

Our designers started with a vision to create the most liveable, 7-star energy efficient homes for today’s most popular blocks of land. Leveraging decades of industry experience and a true understanding of what the modern family wants in a home, our designers identified all the critically important amenity and design elements.

Structural design

Working within the National Construction Code, our team worked closely with our structural engineers to combine knowledge of the building process and determine more efficient structures for our designs, which have minimised wastage in materials. These savings are reflected in our everyday value pricing.


With our focus on quality and innovation, we are a builder of choice amongst residential home builder suppliers. Our business model means we’re able to guarantee a strong and sustainable pipeline of work and this has enormous benefits for suppliers including planning, forecasting and keeping their teams employed.

The interest from suppliers to work with us creates healthy competition and has enabled us to conduct a strong tendering process. This has resulted in positive price negotiations from leading brands in our network of trusted suppliers. These savings are reflected in our everyday value pricing.


Our pipeline of work is entirely dependent on our quality of workmanship, which is why we’re proud to partner with Victoria’s finest tradies. One way we value their work is to find and create methods that make their job easier. The less time it takes to construct a home, the more efficient our tradies are – which means lower costs for our customers. These savings are reflected in our everyday value pricing. Because of our financial backing, we are also able to guarantee our tradies are paid on time, every time; this ensures they are motivated to consistently deliver homes to the required Henley quality standards.

3. Popular floorplan options

We’ve kept floorplan options and variations to a minimum to help maximise savings. The designs include all the leading and most popular design features and amenities, with all the savings from reduced paperwork approvals and internal overheads incorporated into our more affordable prices. These savings are reflected in our everyday value pricing.

House designs

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New house designs with dropped prices statement - our new Mainvue range 7-star energy efficient homes cost less per square than similar sized homes in our Collection 6-star range (inclusions vary between ranges). 7-star based on standard façade and master floorplans. Due to lot orientation and other lot specific factors, customer selections and developer requirements, some homes may not automatically achieve 7-star energy rating and may require additional or upgraded building materials; in these circumstances Henley will quote the cost adjustments