Knockdown & Rebuild

Love your location but your home has seen better days? Say hello to a brand new home for your family without having to change your postcode or even your favourite coffee shop! 

You love your neighbourhood. Your local coffee shop barista knows you by name, you know all the shortcuts to skip the traffic, you know which aisle the eggs are in at your local supermarket, and perhaps your kids are settled into the local daycare or school.

Do you long for a new home with all of necessities and luxuries you deserve? The dilemma is real in Melbourne’s inner suburbs where the homes were designed in another era - when rooms were boxy, windows were small and bench space and storage weren’t high on the essentials list - but the established location holds its appeal and value, so the land is worth the investment.

Upgrade your old home and keep the convenience of your local lifestyle, leaning on our expertise to make it happen, from planning and approvals through to delivery of a modern, open plan, fully integrated, energy efficient home. Stay put in your geographical comfort zone and enjoy:


  • No renovating compromises! Choose a brand new house in a location you already know you love.
  • The opportunity to select from quality designs, saving on architecture or design costs. Select from over 60 single and double storey home designs.
  • Forget having to plan around structural walls – simply choose the home design of your future.
  • Upgrade to sustainable and energy efficient designs, without costly retrofitting.
  • Savings on real estate agent and stamp duty fees (up to $40,000^)


  • No need to imagine the outcome, you have the land – we have the design! Get access to award-winning designs and years of experience.
  • Our step-by-step guide is here to assist you through the complete demolition process and, forget the paperwork - we'll guide you through planning and approvals. We currently have home contracts written for knockdown rebuild jobs all over Melbourne ranging from $250,000 to over $850,000^
  • Guarantees that withstand the test of time with our industry leading 50 year structural guarantee and product warranties

Still umming and ahhing? Take a look here or read some extra information to help you decide.

You can have it all new, without the hassle of renovations, so take a tour through our home collections and be excited by the possibilities.

With extensive experience in the knockdown rebuild market, we have an efficient and streamlined approach to each build, allowing of course for individual preferences!

We will chat through your knockdown rebuild options to ensure we understand your lifestyle and can recommend a design that enhances your every need – every day. We will then assist with:

  • Site your block and assist you in choosing a floorplan to suit
  • Provide upfront fixed prices and quotes, ensuring there are no hidden extras to surprise you down the track
  • Help you customise your home with our selection of structural options and extensive façade collections
  • Manage your building permit and establish a construction timeline
  • Back our build quality with our 50 Year Structural Guarantee*
  • Ensure your new home has everything you need with our luxurious inclusions, quality brands, energy efficiency and renowned Henley new home touches.

Our Process:

Stage 1: Let’s start with hello

Let’s start with hello: Take the opportunity to chat one-on-one with a Henley New Home Consultant, where you can browse designs and then have a personalised walk through of a stylish Henley display home to assist with the preparation and presentation of your New Home Quotation.

Secure your quote: . A refundable deposit* is required to secure the current listed base house price and promotional offer (if applicable).

For titled land and untitled land, the deposit is $1,000.

For knockdown rebuild, the deposit is $1,500.

Book it in: Your New Home Consultant will book you in for your Henley Design Information Session, held in Mt Waverley, where you will discover how the interior selection appointment and process works.

Confirm certificates and contract: Please provide us with a clear copy of your Plan of Subdivision, a copy of your Land Contract including Section 32, and if your land has titled, the Certificate of Title.

Stage 2: Final take on the paperwork

Final take on the paperwork: The next appointment is to complete your Sales Paperwork.

Second Deposit: With the initial paperwork phase complete, your second deposit is now due. At this point, if it has not already occurred, your deposit becomes non-refundable. Works are now underway to prepare for your colour appointment and tender presentation and works such as soil reports, site survey, and preliminary requirements are completed, as well as council requirements (as applicable). Your deposit is to cover our external and internal expenses involved in undertaking these steps.

The second deposit is:

  • $500 for titled and untitled land, bringing the total paid to $1,500
  • $1,000 for knockdown rebuild, bringing the total paid to $2,500

Stage 3: Colour your vision

Henley Design Appointment: Whether you know exactly what you want or really have no idea, you’ll discover what you can create at your Henley Design Colour Selection Appointment in Mount Waverley. You’ll have a professional Interior Designer to assist you during the entire appointment.

Allow approximately 3-4 hours for single storey homes and approximately 6 hours for double storey homes.

You will also be offered an Electrical Appointment if you wish to customise your electrical plan. This appointment is 2 hours, and occurs after your Contract Appointment (refer to stage 5). 

Henley Design Showroom opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00am - 4:00pm open for browsing

Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am - 1:00pm - By appointment only 

1:00pm - 4:00pm - Open for browsing

Stage 4: The tender moment

The tender moment: This is genuinely a tender moment in time – it’s when all of your planning and information, quote and payments come together in one place for review and final sign off.

The tender incorporates all of your selections you have made so far - façade, variations, colour selections, preliminary site costs, site plan and floorplan (as applicable). There are no further changes permitted after the tender is signed.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday, taking approximately 4 hours for a single storey and a full day for double storey homes.

Council dispensations: The tender sign off means we can apply for all relevant council dispensations.

Tender Deposit: When you sign your tender, a non-refundable payment of $1,650 is required in order to prepare your final contract documentation, which will include a set of drawings*.

For knockdown rebuild, we recommend that you begin your Electricity Pit Installation Application through the relevant electricity authority at this point.

Out with the old (applicable to knockdown rebuild only): Demolition of the existing house with capping of all services to boundary is required prior to contract signing.

Once demolition is complete, your site will have a second soil test and survey to confirm engineering of your slab.

Ask your New Home Consultant for the Demolition Information Checklist which provides a complete list of requirements  for demolition.

Knockdown Rebuild: For knockdown rebuild, we will reassess and provide you with your site costs based on the results of the second soil test and survey.

Stage 5: Congratulations on your contract

Congratulations on your contract: Using an industry standard HIA New Home Contract, you’ll  be presented with a personalised version. Each person listed on the contract must attend this appointment to sign the document, and it also must be signed within 180 days of your initial deposit for titled and untitled land, and 240 days for  a knockdown rebuild.

Upon signing your building contract, you will be required to pay a balance of 5% of your total contract value minus the initial deposits you have already paid.

Lets get electrical: Now is the time for your Electrical Appointment if you wish to customise your electrical plan.

This optional appointment is held in our Henley Design Showroom, and is your opportunity to sit with our specialised Electrical Consultant to add additional lights, light fittings, security systems, intercoms, fibre optic wiring, data points, home theatre provisions and other such items.

Please note that your Electrical Appointment can only occur once your contract drawings are prepared, and will take approximately 2 hours.

All ready for site activity: You are so close to site start. Now that the contract is signed and progress payment made, we’ll submit your energy assessment, finalise construction drawings, and confirm information relevant to your specific council requirements. 

Make your move: Before we can start onsite, you now need to provide:

  • Finance re-confirmation including a current unconditional letter of offer
  • Written confirmation from your finance provider that funds are ready to be released for construction progress payments
  • Written confirmation of land ownership

To help avoid any delays, please make sure your land is clear and ready for commencement of construction.

Stage 6: The excitement of site start

The excitement of site start: Congratulations! Seeing your builder break the dirt on your block of land is an exciting moment. This is where all the plans and paperwork come together so the onsite team can create the vision. To proceed with site start, we must have received all required permits and approvals, evidence of the owner’s title to the land, full details of restrictions and covenants which affect the land, evidence of finance for the contract price, all drawings are signed and all pre site start HIA contract clauses are met.

Summary of progress payments: We require progress payments as per the standard HIA recommended payment schedule. There are six payments due, totalling 100%. 

  • Deposit – 5% (less deposit already paid)
  • Base – 10%
  • Frame – 15%
  • Lock up – 35%
  • Fix – 25%
  • Completion – 10% (in addition to any variation orders)


How to prepare for a knock down rebuild project

Your designated customer service administrator will be your main point of contact throughout the demolition phase, here's an overview of what needs to happen as well as a knockdown and rebuild demolition information sheet...

Step one: Research and preparation

  • Speak to your council about your intention to demolish your home and find out relevant details about your land.
  • Obtain an Asset Protection Permit from your council.
  • Find a demolition company.
  • Request a copy of your Demolition Permit from your demolition company and forward it to us.
  • Disconnect power and gas – your utility company will need time to process your request so organise this in advance.

Tell your demolition company to complete the following:

  • Cap sewer connection and remove line from house.
  • Cap water meter and tap and remove line from house (water tap and meter to remain on site).

More information is always welcome: When you speak to your council, try to find out as much information as you can as this will help you to foresee potential issues. In particular, try to determine when sewer lines were installed in your area – this can flag potential future issues such as hidden items in the earth, septic tanks, wells, pools, pipes, etc. If you pinpoint these issues prior to construction, you may avoid the extra cost of removal, and possible reengineering, of your slab design. Please note that council information, or lack of, is not necessarily a reflection of what may or may not be found on site and could impact on any planning overlays.


Step two: Onsite connections and considerations

Water Connections:

  • Do you currently have clay pipes on your land? If you are unsure, the date your property was established will allow you to determine its water tapping connection – any property established prior to 1989 will generally have clay pipes. An additional item will be included in your Tender if you currently have clay pipes. This is to cover the costs of converting your clay pipes to PVC connections.
  • Does your storm water discharge to the kerb? If yes, you may require a charged pump LPOD system. This will be determined by an engineer and is site specific.

 Power Connections:

  • Is your power connection currently overhead? If yes, you will need to arrange for an electricity pit to be installed by an electrical contractor to enable us to run underground power connections.
  • We recommend that you organise the installation of an underground pit as early as possible as it can be time consuming. A costly generator will be required if it is not installed prior to construction. To organise this, speak to the new connections department of your power company. They will send you a form that will need to be completed to show the amount payable and they will also request a copy of the site plan nominating a preferred location. You will need to let them know that you need an underground power pit installed and obtain the ‘Request for underground power’ form.
  • Amps – in most cases you will require less than 100 amps.
  • Single phase/three phase – If you plan to have refrigerated air conditioning in your home then you should have three phase installed otherwise single phase is sufficient. Please discuss your specific requirements with your power company.

Site Considerations

  • A leafy outlook is lovely, so if there are any trees you'd love to keep on your land, you'll need to let us know. If the house falls within the perimeter of the tree, you may need an arborist report and tree root barriers may need to be installed. Bear in mind, this could be expensive depending on the tree and its proximity to the new home.
  • If you're on the fence about your fence quality, it will probably need to be replaced, as you will only be permitted to retain your fencing if it is in good condition.
  • Is your garage on the boundary? If yes, it is your responsibility to organise for the removal and re-installation of any affected fences with your neighbours.


Any additional items will be included in your Tender for a reestablishment survey – This is required for all demolitions as it will indicate clear title boundaries. Henley will only build from title boundaries.

Step three: Post demolition

It's time to set your sights on onsite construction, so please ensure all excess soil and rubbish is cleared and grass has been cut.

Tell us when the demolition is complete and we’ll organise the 2nd soil and survey.