Sustainability built-in

Say hello to a better tomorrow

Henley is recognised as a pioneer in sustainable and environmental initiatives.

We introduced 5-star energy rated homes before the government made this a mandatory requirement and we were the first major builder in Australia to deliver zero emission homes designed for everyday families. Today this commitment continues. Henley builds towards a better tomorrow


The meaning of green

Building a sustainable house and delivering an energy efficient household isn’t just about the orientation of your home design, the solar panels or the climate control system you choose - although they are all important considerations. Sustainable buildings and households require a holistic and integrated approach to ensure ongoing energy cost savings and reductions in environmental impacts over the long term.


Henley's green team

Henley’s highly trained environmental experts are constantly researching and gathering the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, industry-leading green building options to offer to our customers. 


Green ways to save

With building and construction outcomes already ahead of industry standards, each Henley home is equipped with innovations such as carbon-reduced concrete slabs, locally manufactured downlights and draught-proof exhaust fans. Standard features such as these contribute to climate comfort without adding any additional costs. We leverage what nature and technology can provide to deliver further energy cost reductions by offering other affordable options in terms of double glazing, heating, cooling and insulation.


Green from the get-go

Sustainable elements are included in every Henley home. When you build with us you are already making a positive choice for your family and the world we all share. Standard sustainable products and services include:

  • Zoned heating and cooling systems
  • New product reviews to maximise passive performance and natural energy efficiency
  • In-house thermal modelling expertise (best in the field)
  • IC-rated LED downlights that lead the field in performance, quality and warranty. Used with insulation they improve the thermal performance of your home
  • Door and window seals to reduce heat loss
  • Integrated backdraft seals on all exhaust fans
  • More effective infiltration (air-leakage) performance than comparable Melbourne/Australian builds
  • Perimeter ceiling insulation batts to ensure a complete thermal envelope


Say hello to zero emissions!

Introducing the Henley and CSIRO Zero Emissions House (AusZEH)

Imagine a home that looks like any other but is actually rated three stars higher in terms of energy efficiency and uses an average of 70 per cent less energy than a traditional home. Henley has already accomplished this feat with the design and delivery of our CSIRO Zero Emission House.

The AusZEH is an 8-star home that achieves a carbon neutral footprint and has influenced home designs of the future.

Standing in the home, it feels like any other. The difference is in its thermal performance. The home was designed with the following considerations and inclusions - all options you can add to your new home build:

  • Northern orientation and retractable shading options
  • Brick construction and higher levels of insulation in the walls and ceiling
  • Double glazing to all windows and sliding doors
  • Insulated waffle pod concrete slab
  • Simple sealing options to reduce air leakage
  • High quality materials
  • Solar hot water system
  • Low energy downlights
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Water saving tanks and a water recycling system
  • Solar panels on the roof of the home

Watch our AusZEH video featured on the web series “Josh’s House”