Simple heating hacks for your home

23rd June 2017

Tips & Tricks

As we shiver through one of the coldest starts to winter and no end in sight to rising electricity and gas prices in Victorian households, there are many simple, yet effective ways to retain the heat in your home - without ramping up the temperature dial!

The cost of comfort

As you cradle a warm cup of tea, or snuggle into your electric blanket this winter, you’re probably not really surprised to read that a whopping 90 per cent of energy in Melbourne is dedicated to heating. It also makes up 32 per cent of the average household energy bill in Victoria, so it pays to be aware of the alternatives, and attentive in keeping the heat inside our homes!

Find leaks!

Ever felt a cool breeze beneath your feet or when standing near a door or window? One of the most effective and low-cost ways to save on heating is draught proofing. In fact, according to Sustainability Victoria, avoidable draughts not only make the house uncomfortable during the colder month, but can increase heating costs by a whopping 20 per cent.  

Seal and save.

In the industry, this is known as infiltration and at Henley we have conducted a lot of research into it, and all of our homes come with lower infiltration rates than most comparable builds in Victoria. Our homes are more effectively sealed due to quality construction process, attention to detail, and considered specification of fittings and fixtures. Downlights, exhaust fans, windows and door seals are all carefully selected to provide excellent performance in their intended function but also to give more to the whole of house comfort and energy savings.

Double your performance.

​Up to 40 per cent of a home’s heating energy can be lost, and up to 87 per cent of its heat gained through windows, so while your view might be worth it, your power bill might not be. We like to leverage what nature and innovation provide to give you more comfort and drive your ongoing energy costs down with our built-in sustainability recommendations for double glazing. Double glazing means there are two layers of glass on windows and doors, which have a space between them, offering better insulation properties – resulting in another type of double… a win win! Double glazing also reduces noise transfer, so it’ll be nice and quiet too! Add quality window coverings for better thermal performance on windows and doors and sleep tight knowing you’ll sleep with cheaper climate control and wake up more comfortable! Visit our colour showroom to see the range of window coverings we offer.

Use the sun.

In winter the sun can provide significant natural heat and light. Ensure daytime living zones face north and can catch the sun’s rays. Conversely in summer, use of external blinds or eaves will help to keep a house cool. If you would like further advice on how to select a design and orientation to provide a naturally well lit and inviting home without the need to have the lights on all day please have a chat with any of our New Homes Consultants.

Zone in on climate control.

While many houses feature open plan living, most create zones such as a living zone, bedroom zone and entertaining zone. To fine tune your energy consumption, make sure your heating the zone where you’re spending the most time, and either turn off heating in other zones, or put them to a lower, more cost-effective setting. Sustainability Victoria recommend you set the temperature for living zones between 18° and 20°C, so while it’s tempting to make it a balmy 28° and ditch the scarf and jumper, your wallet will appreciate your functional fashion efforts.  

It’s cheaper to be as snug as a bug in a rug.

Keep your winter rugs out and reduce your reliance on artificial heating and you’ll also get a better night sleep with Science of Us finding that the ideal bedroom temperature for a great night sleep is between 15 Any cooler and your body tries to lock in heat by narrowing your blood vessels, and any warmer and it can accidentally trigger your body to start waking up, as we naturally heat up towards the end of our sleep cycles. Plus it’s more cost effective to set your heating in this range as well!


Sustainable is the standard at Henley, learn more about our built-in sustainability here

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