Winter at home – creating a warming and cosy environment

29th May 2023

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As the weather cools, there is a suite of creative ways to make your home look and feel warm, without having to crank up the heater all day, every day.

Henley Design’s, Abbie Young, unpacks the ways you can inject warmth in a room that will embrace you and your family even on the coldest of evenings.

Cuddle up to cosy textiles


Incorporating textured throws and cushions can transform a living room to a tranquil and snug forever space.  Lush and thick knitted throws in darker, richer hues, can be draped over couches, accompanied by oversized cushions.  This is your invitation to dive right in!

“You may also be in the mood to replace your current rug with a more textured and a deeper coloured rug to get you through those cooler nights.  Adding heavier drapes, from the ceiling to the floor will not only help the room feel cosier but will look stunning,” Abbie said.

“Incorporating autumnal tones along with chocolate hues creates a warm and homely feel that is too tempting to ignore.  Hot chocolate anyone?”

Adding wood to the mix


Whether it is sleek wooden breakfast chairs in the kitchen, or a Swiss-inspired wooden stool in the bathroom, adding wood can amplify a warm feel and tone. 

Abbie says, “With a huge variety of finishes and hues, wood can create a stunning ambience that complements a host of other textures and fabrics.”

“For wood to really make a statement, consider adding lamps and dimmer switches throughout your home to create enticing and hypnotic warm spaces.”

Candles aplenty

The lure of a flicker and the aroma of a scented candle defines a warming environment.  Adding a sandalwood and lavender candle on the coffee table in your theatre room, as you enjoy your favourite movie, sets the scene for relaxation and tranquillity.

“Candles in unexpected areas of the home such as powder rooms not only continues a heady scent throughout your home but provides a calm ambiance” Abbie adds.

“When entertaining, setting up candles in odd numbers, combined with a floral arrangement straight from your local florist or even your garden, on a dining table exudes a sophistication and polish that creates an intimate back drop to your next dinner party.” Abbie adds.

To create that warmth in your home, its these little personal touches which makes a significant difference to any room.  Use your creativity and personality to add that splash of warming sophistication, celebrating the cooler season.


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