The power of solar in the winter sun

25th July 2023


If you’re thinking of building a Solar All Electric home or a Gas and Electric home with solar panels, the question of year-round reliability is valid and appropriate.  

Solar panel performance can drop 2% to 15% depending on various factors like the tilt of your panels, debris on your panels, and your geographical location. Although the performance drops, you can still maximise the benefits of solar with a few nifty tricks.  

Tips to maximise your solar in winter 

Use energy-efficient appliances 

Make sure to look at the energy rating labels on your appliances to get an idea of how much power they use. Those with a higher energy star rating will mean you’ll spend less to run them – and save money in the long run. 

Use heavy-duty appliances during the day 

Your solar system will generate the most power during daylight hours when the sun is out – so running your bigger appliances like washing machines or dishwashers during the day will ensure you have plenty of energy to run them.   

If you’ve upgraded your solar system to include a battery, you can use the reserved energy from your battery any time of day.  

Think about your windows 

Did you know the size and location of your windows can impact your home’s energy efficiency rating? Smaller, north facing windows will naturally help your home get the most out of the sun. This is what is referred to as a passive solar design.  

Monitor your usage 

If you’re in the process of building a Solar All Electric home or a Gas and Electric, you can use the (optional upgrade) Enphase app to monitor the performance of your solar panels. You can even note the times during winter when you have available power to determine how and when to use your appliances. 

Ensure your panels are free from debris 

Having clean and obstruction-free panels that are clear from excessive dirt, overhanging branches, or leaves will ensure your solar panels gain the most power from the sun. 

Want to learn about our solar options?  

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