Selandra Community Place: A Sustainability Initiative

22nd February 2013


Located within the Selandra Rise residential community, Selandra Community Place, an Australian-first concept, is an interactive display home that demonstrates a variety of sustainable initiatives around improving the environment, health and wellbeing of residents of Casey.

The partners behind Selandra Community Place - City of Casey, Stockland, Henley Properties Group and South East Councils Climate Change Alliance - have identified four key themes – energy, waste, water and wellbeing – around which all aspects of the home have been modelled.

Visit Selandra Community Place to:

  • Discover information that will help when selecting sustainable options for your home
  • View the range of interactive displays, DVD animations and take home information cards designed to help you make sustainable decisions
  • Get involved in a wide range of activities on offer to improve health and wellbeing
  • Use the small business centre facilities
  • Participate in activities to meet your neighbours and feel more connected to the community
  • Selandra Community Place is a key component of the Selandra Rise demonstration project, developed by project partners Stockland, VicHealth, the Growth Areas Authority, the Planning Institute of Australia and the City of Casey, featuring a number of planning principles designed to improve residents’ lives.
  • Selandra Community Place is located at 2 Forest Drive, Clyde North and will be managed and staffed by the City of Casey.

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