Master your space: Our top 9 master bedroom design ideas

7th July 2023

When it comes to home design, one space that holds immense importance is the master bedroom. It's the largest bedroom in the house and for some people, the most important. It’s the place for resting, relaxation, grooming, privacy and intimacy.

The modern master bedroom is often considered a retreat. A place where you can rewind and replenish, especially after a hectic day. It’s a room where tranquillity and serenity can wrap around you like a warm blanket.

We asked Abbie O'Connor, Henley Homes' Interior Design Consultant, to talk us through the top things to consider for a modern master bedroom design.

Mapping out your master bedroom ideas

Designing your ideal bedroom requires a few considerations. Location, layout, size, inclusions, colour palette, lighting, storage and even power points all play a part in creating a functional and pleasant area.

Start by gathering ideas and concepts. A Pinterest board is ideal for collecting inspo and master bedroom design ideas. Then it's time to make some decisions about your main bedroom for your new house.

"Your dream master should be a large bedroom that's stylish, personal and functional. Make sure you have thought about your style and needs, lifestyle and what's important to you." Abbie says.

"Once you've mapped out your master bedroom ideas, must-haves and priorities, you can start with the fun part: the design. And we're here to step you through the top things to consider."

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1. Choosing the best location for your master bedroom

Deciding where to place your master bedroom depends on your lifestyle and preferences. It is often considered a parent's retreat where you can get your daily dose of calm.

Think about how close you would like it to be to other areas in the home and look at various home floorplan options. Would you prefer to sleep at the front or back of the home?

Factors like security, accessibility and proximity to other rooms (such as a nursery, for example) should all be taken into account. Here are a few ideas of things to consider before finalising your decision.


Whether you're planning on building a single storey or double storey home, the position of your master bedroom greatly impacts its privacy. Avoid placing it close to high-traffic areas like the living room.

"Also, take into account the slope of your block and whether neighbours on higher ground have a direct line of sight through the windows doors," Abbie points out.


Orientation deserves some thought. Would you prefer a master bedroom that's bright and airy, filled with plenty of sunlight? Or a cozy sanctuary with a cool atmosphere?

"North-facing rooms receive more natural light, while south-facing ones tend to be cooler. In Victoria, it’s a good idea to choose an orientation that provides more warmth, especially for our colder seasons," Abbie suggests.


Something that may be overlooked during the master bedroom design stage is the position of the room in relation to the central living room zones. This decision can impact your peace of mind and serenity!

Avoid sharing a wall with the living room wall or theatre room wall. Also, consider proximity to the laundry and entry areas, especially if you have a shift worker living in the house.

2. Size matters

Think about how you plan to use your master bedroom. Do you want a simple sleeping space, or would you like it to accommodate additional furniture, such as a sitting area or desk?

Will you have a queen bed, a king, or a canopy bed? Will the bedside tables fit? Is the headboard or bed frame too big? Do you plan to upgrade to a king bed? Make sure it can all fit!

"It's essential to ensure your retreat provides adequate space for easy movement. Leave enough room for walking around furniture without feeling cramped," says Abbie.

“You can always use white walls, mirrors and art to make small bedrooms feel more spacious," says Abbie.

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3. Achieve the perfect master bedroom layout

When it comes to master bedroom design, nailing down the ideal layout is another top priority. The key to a successful design lies in the right blend of practicality and style.

Ideally, the ultimate master bedroom retreat should include a dedicated seating area with a reading nook or space for a comfy couch. If space allows, consider adding a bookshelf or bookcase near the reading nook. This provides easy access to your favourite books and creates a visually appealing backdrop for your reading area.

Another crucial decision evolves around the placement of the bed. As the largest furniture piece in the room, it controls how the space functions, looks and feels.

"Choosing to place the bed across from the entrance can make your bedroom look attractive. It can also make the room feel balanced and even."

"And if you're lucky enough to have amazing views, be sure to position the bed near the window so you can appreciate the scenery," Abbie adds.

4. Add personalised storage

A clutter-free bedroom contributes to a peaceful atmosphere. Consider the available flooring space, layout and ceiling heights to maximise your storage options.

“Veljo Modular Robe Fitouts are Henley's go-to supplier for our dressing rooms. They can personalise storage solutions for our families, so every room is organised and clutter-free,” says Abbie.

Think about what's truly important for your dream home. Is it hooks for your handbag collection, extra shelves for your shoe obsession, or taller hanging space for your suits?

"Sit down and work out those finer details. Once you know exactly what you want, decide how this will fit in the available space, and go from there," suggests Abbie.


5. A luxury master bedroom needs a deluxe bathroom

For the ultimate master bedroom retreat, choose luxury inclusions for your ensuite. An indulgent ensuite allows you to create a spa-like atmosphere in your own bedroom.

“A master bedroom suite is also not complete without the master bath. It provides a dedicated space where you can unwind, pamper yourself and escape from the demands of everyday life,” says Abbie.

For couples sharing a bedroom, a deluxe ensuite can offer added privacy and convenience. It allows both partners to have their own designated bathroom space without disrupting each other's routines.

"For sheer luxury, consider a walk-through wardrobe connecting your bedroom and ensuite. This not only creates a smooth flow but also softens the bathroom sounds, reducing loud noises by early risers."

6. Don't forget the floors

The type of flooring you select sets the foundation for the room's style and design. Whether you opt for hardwood, carpet, tile or other options, each material carries its own visual characteristics.

"Your choice of floor coverings is an important one for decorating the master bedroom. Hardwood flooring creates a warm and timeless appeal, while carpeting can add softness and coziness," explains Abbie. "From Solutions Dyed Nylons, Wool and Wool Blends, to Triextra, we have a carpet for everyone."

"I personally love the Baron Creek carpet range, with its earthy fibres and warm neutral tones, setting the scene perfectly for a good night's sleep.”

Wood floors in dark wood or a modern floating floor style are also popular decor choices for master bedrooms. Decorate the floors with a fluffy rug to help soften the overall look and keep your feet warm when you're getting into bed.

7. Ambient lighting and natural airflow

Your master bedroom serves multiple purposes, from sleeping and reading in bed to watching TV or working on a laptop. It's important to ensure you have enough lighting and the right electrical outlets to power up all your devices.

“After the sun goes down, it is helpful to have a variety of light sources to create the perfect ambience,” suggests Abbie.

Installing a dimmer switch allows you to enjoy bright or romantic light from the same source. Don't forget stylish table lamps or bedside lamps for reading in bed.”

Natural airflow plays a vital role in creating a comfortable and inviting master bedroom. Proper ventilation prevents issues such as condensation and mould growth, which can have negative impacts on your health. Natural ventilation provides a constant flow of fresh air, enhancing the overall liveability of your space.

"There are lots of methods to increase ventilation in your master bedroom, like ceiling fans, split systems and ducted air conditioning. However, the most efficient approach lies in appropriately placed doors and windows to allow unrestricted breeze paths," says Abbie.


8. Relax in neutral colours

According to Abbie, colours that work best for a modern master bedroom come from a neutral paint palette in calming and relaxing shades.

“This comes down to personal taste in most cases. But adorning your walls in a neutral palette always works best compared to strong contrast and bold colours. Think soft greys, dark musky pinks and crisp whites.”

If you have a more adventurous sense of style, consider adding some bold navy blues or dark clarets to your walls. Create a gallery wall with family photos or brighten things up with some strategically placed wall art.

Select a few impactful pieces that align with your personal taste and add visual interest without overwhelming the space. Abstract art, sculptures or statement wall hangings can be excellent choices.

9. Include modern bedroom retreat essentials

There are endless opportunities for creating your unique modern bedroom style - consider a corner fireplace, accent wall, designer lighting, table lamps or even a tufted upholstered headboard.

Layered window treatments are on trend right now, so carefully consider your choice of blinds or curtains when choosing furnishings for your new home. Sheer curtains are also popular, along with plantation-style shutters.

A modern master bedroom promotes a sense of calm and order, so it's essential to keep surfaces clutter-free. Use storage solutions like drawers, cabinets, or hidden storage compartments to keep personal items out of sight. Minimise the number of decorative items to maintain a clean and minimalist appearance.

Incorporate reflective surfaces like mirrors, glass, or polished metals to create a sense of openness and add brightness. A full-length mirror or a mirrored accent wall can help visually expand the space and reflect natural light.

And don't forget to prioritise comfort in bedding when decorating and bringing it all together. Invest in a high-quality mattress and bed that suits your preferences. Consider factors like mattress firmness, pillow options and bedding materials to create a comfortable and inviting environment.

Bring your master bedroom style to life with Henley Homes

Whether you know exactly what you’re after or need expert guidance, our team is here to help you design and create your ultimate master bedroom in your dream home.

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out the Henley Visualiser Tool, visit our Display Homes or talk to us.

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