How to create the master of all Ensuites

23rd July 2019

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Perfecting your Ensuite’s design and functionality, as well as adding sophistication is the ultimate goal to master and conquer. The Master Ensuite needs to be the idyllic getaway after a hectic day, a sanctuary to unwind in and to be pampered in.

But what makes the ultimate Master Ensuite in a home?

We asked Henley Interior Designer, Rebecca Burrows to give us the low down on the Ensuite onslaught.

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Ensuite finesse features

According to Rebecca, ensuites are taking on a spa-inspired feel, promoting an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

“Clients want their bathroom to feel like a resort or day spa – a personal retreat, a place to escape.  Ensuites are open and an extension of the bedroom - a stylish sanctuary. The current trend is focusing more on different finishes rather than colour.”

Elevating your ensuite

Ensuites are usually timeless and neutral in colour and the focus is more on the materials and textures used – natural materials and finishes like marble, stone, timber, concrete. Floor to ceiling tiling is still very popular in large format tiles. 

Rebecca adds, “You can either choose a subtle patterned tile to use for both floor and wall or choose one tile for floor and a different tile for walls. Using feature tiles to a full wall is the current design trend. Subway tiles are also still popular – try laying them vertical and stacked or vertical and bricked rather than in a traditional horizontal pattern/design. 

“Three dimensional tiles like ‘Relief’ pattern tiles and textured tiles are also a current trend that add some depth and interest to the space. When using tiles, also think about the grout colour – this is just as important as the selection of what tile to use. Contrast the grout colour with the tile to create more of an impact or to highlight a feature.  Choosing a matching grout colour blends in with the tiles and makes the floor or wall look seamless and a consistent colour and finish.

“Ensuites can be earthy and organic or elegant and glamourous. Luxe and moody or light and airy. No matter what the theme or colour palette, ensuites are filled with cold surfaces. Remember to add depth, interest and warmth with either a timber vanity, some soft fluffy towels, decorative lighting, a potted plant or freshly cut greenery.”

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Dip your toes in

With an open concept Ensuite, a freestanding bath is often the main feature or hero of the space.  It offers a sense of wellness and it is a place to relax and switch off after a hard day at work. 

“A freestanding bath sitting on a podium or step with a floor mounted spout adds dimension to the room and has a real luxe feel. Baths come in all shapes and sizes so don’t be disappointed if you have a small space, you can still achieve a relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind and disconnect.” Rebecca adds.

Keeping it elegant and simple

Simple, uncluttered and minimal are the key ingredients to achieve that day spa feel. Storage is an important feature of any room so vanities, recessed mirrored cabinets and open shelves are all important things to consider. Functional and practical.

“Wall mounted or floating vanities are still on trend which create a feeling of space. This style of vanity frees up floor space and makes cleaning simple.  Open shelves below or above vanities or tiled shelves in showers are great for storage too or for showcasing personal items.” Rebecca says.

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Shower me with style

When it comes to showers, the bigger the better. Double showers with twin shower heads give that day spa aesthetic. Rain head showers are the most popular and these are often paired with a handheld shower rail. 

Rebecca adds, “If you are on a budget or looking to update your bathroom, basins and tapware are the easiest thing to transform a bathroom. These are easy and affordable. Countertop basins make a statement that are mounted on top of the benchtop. Nood and co has a range of statement basins in various different shapes, sizes and colours. Tapware becomes a feature when selected in a finish like matte black, brushed nickel, gunmetal and brushed brass. Remember to match showers, accessories, shower drains, waste drains and even door hardware to the same selected finish.”

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And don’t forget

Other luxe features of Ensuites are frameless shower screens, rain head showers, backlit mirrors, underfloor heating and heated towel rails. 

“Colour and fun can be added with scented candles, storage baskets, towels and potted plants.” Rebecca adds.

Lots of light, preferable natural light is important when designing a bathroom. Task lighting must be planned and designed with thought. Feature lights like decorative sconce lights, LED backlighting, pendants and undershelf lighting are stylish and create a mood. 

“Technology and smart bathrooms are becoming the norm in new homes – i.e. Google Home, sensor activated toilets that are self-cleaning, seat warmers, integrated lights and integrated speakers while you soak in the bathtub.”

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