Ensuite bathroom ideas: Our top 9 luxury features to include

31st July 2023

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Gone are the days when the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom were solely about function. Now, it's all about comfort. Homeowners want to create an experience, a sanctuary for unwinding in privacy.

But what makes the ultimate ensuite room or master bathroom? And how can you achieve your own contemporary space that's a blissful escape from the outside world?

If you’re after some ideas to help you achieve a lavish bathroom for your new home build, you’ve come to the right place.

What makes a luxury ensuite bathroom?

Combining modern elements and high-end detail is key to creating the perfect ensuite bathroom. Matching the style of the master bedroom is an ideal starting point. Ideally, you want consistency in the themes of the bedroom area and bathroom with a complementary colour palette, flooring and layout.

But your ensuite offers an opportunity to take things up a notch. We're talking bigger features, high-quality fittings and luxury accessories.

We asked Henley Interior Designer, Rebecca Burrows to delve into some bathroom ensuite ideas for making this space truly exceptional.

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Our top master bathroom ideas for that wow factor

1. Spa-inspired styling

Spending time in a day spa is relaxing and rejuvenating. When creating a deluxe theme for your home, it helps to draw on key design elements of a day spa.

"To create a spa-inspired style, start with a neutral-toned bathroom," Rebecca said. "Soft tones like whites, beiges, creams and pastels create a serene ambience. Earthy colours like blues and greens can also evoke a sense of tranquillity. Avoid vibrant or bold colours that may disrupt the calming atmosphere."

"Pair this colour palette with natural materials or select a stone or slate look from our Caesarstone and Laminex ranges. Add some natural timber or bamboo accessories like stools or shelving. Include soft and plush textures to amplify that sense of indulgence. Fluffy towels, bathrobes and mats made from organic cotton or bamboo can complete the look."

The resort-style ensuite bathroom, available at Henley Homes

2. Go for continuity with large format tiles

Oversized tiles are here to stay. Large format tiles create a seamless and expansive look, especially when used on both floors and walls. They also minimise grout lines which makes them easier to clean.

Emulating the beauty and timelessness of natural stone, tiles that resemble marble, travertine or slate are in vogue for floors and walls.

When making bathroom styling selections, choose grout colours that blend effortlessly with your tiles for continuity.

And if large format tiles are not your thing, subway tiles are still popular, says Rebecca.

"Subway tiles are versatile and come in different colours, sizes and textures. Consider larger or long subway tiles. Or try laying them herringbone or double herringbone style rather than in a standard horizontal pattern," Rebecca says.

3. Natural materials and textures

Integrating natural materials like stone, wood, bamboo or even natural fibres offer an organic beauty that instantly feels luxurious. Natural materials also have a calming effect on our senses.

"Drawing on the elements of nature can bring a warm and inviting feel to the space," says Rebecca. "From sleek and modern to a rustic and earthy bathroom design, natural materials can be easily combined to create your signature look."

"Whether it's a stone accent wall, a wooden vanity or bamboo accessories, the use of natural materials in a luxury spa-inspired bathroom brings authenticity and a sense of well-being."

4. Dip your toes into a freestanding bathtub

With an open-concept bathroom, a freestanding bathtub is often the main feature or hero of the space. And the deeper, the better.

Having a bathtub offers the ultimate sense of indulgence and is ideal for switching off after a hard day at work.

“A full freestanding tub or bathtub sitting on a podium or step with a floor-mounted spout adds dimension to the room and has a real luxe feel," Rebecca explains.

"Baths come in all shapes and sizes, so even if you have a smaller space, you can still achieve a relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind and disconnect."

A freestanding bath and floating vanity in a Henley Home master ensuite

5. Shower me with style

A double shower, also known as a dual shower, walk-in shower or couples shower, is a must-have if you have the space.

Double showers are typically designed to be larger than standard showers. They offer ample space for two individuals to move comfortably without feeling cramped. The extra space allows more freedom of movement, making it easier to wash, rinse and move about. Larger showers are also ideal for people with access or mobility challenges.

Rebecca advises having multiple rain head shower heads and separate controls so each person can personalise their showering experience.

"Rain head showers are the most popular right now for a reason. Designed to mimic the sensation of standing beneath gentle rainfall, they offer a fully immersive showering experience."

Don't forget to match showers, accessories, drains, windows and even door hardware to the same selected finish. If you only have a small space, a corner shower can be customised to suit the luxe theme.

6. Twinning wash basins

You've opted for the double shower door, so now it's time to add a double basin.

Twin basis and sinks not only look amazing but are practical and functional. No more battling for sink space to clean your teeth or waiting to get ready for work!

"Matching basins can make quite a statement when mounted on walls or on top of the benchtop. They can also add a wonderful focal point when paired with matching fixtures. A range of statement basins are now available in various different shapes, sizes and colours," says Rebecca.

Twin wash basins are practical, functional and look amazing!

7. Ditch the clutter for a modern master bathroom

A simple and uncluttered environment is key to achieving that day spa feel for bathroom ensuites. Some smart storage options are ideal for keeping everything organised and reducing countertop mess.

"Floating shelves create an open and airy feel while providing convenient storage for frequently used spa-like essentials," says Rebecca.

“Other ideas include wall-mounted cabinets, floating vanities with storage space, fold-out towel rails, wicker baskets and built-in niches."

Keep countertops clear for a simple and uncluttered ensuite.

8. Keep it cosy with underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is the epitome of comfort. There's nothing quite like stepping out of the shower and onto a warm floor. Absolute bliss!

While heating is often overlooked in an ensuite bathroom, its value cannot be understated. Ultimately, you want your bathroom to be somewhere you can spend time in comfort. That means the ambient temperature is important.

Underfloor heating makes the entire space much more cosy all year round. It also assists in speed-drying moist towels and wet bathmats.

If your budget won't stretch that far, consider a wall-mounted heater or an exhaust fan with light and heat.

9. Don't forget the heated towel rails

Heated towel rails are a definite must-have. They're excellent for drying towels efficiently and produce a wonderful warmth that lifts your post-shower or bath experience.

An added benefit is they're more visually appealing than the standard towel rail.

Things to consider before you build

Go light and bright

Lots of light is important when designing a bathroom. Task lighting must be planned and designed carefully.

Feature lights like decorative sconce lights, backlit mirrors, pendants and undershelf strip lighting can create a luxe feel. And don't forget the dimmer switches so you can dial it down when the occasion arises.

If the location of your ensuite bathroom doesn't allow for ample natural light, don't put it in the too-hard basket. Instead, opt for a skylight. Consider the location of the skylight and how you can best take advantage of the sun's position.

Embrace negative space

If you're in the planning and design stage of your new bathroom, consider how to incorporate negative space. Negative space refers to empty or unused areas. It is the absence of objects or elements and plays an essential role in creating a balanced and visually pleasing aesthetic.

Negative space is important in interior design as it allows for breathing room, visual clarity and a sense of openness. In the context of a bathroom, negative space can be found in areas such as empty walls, open floor space or gaps between fixtures and furniture.

Embracing negative space will give your bathroom a clean, airy, contemporary feel and highlight the elegance of your design.

Discover your dream ensuite bathroom with Henley Homes

If you’re after more luxury ensuite bathroom ideas or need expert guidance, the team at Henley Homes is here to help. Check out the Henley Homes Visualiser Tool to build your signature look.

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