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14th May 2021

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Henley continues to shine and has an in-house team of experts at Henley Design to help you on all things electrical. From lighting and power point locations, lighting needs for every space, to on-trend fitting and fixtures, Henley Homes will light up your new home to a whole new level!

With all that electrical expertise under the one roof, at one convenient location, Henley has a plethora of knowledge to share, including what’s hot with lighting fixtures and things to consider for all your electrical needs, internally and externally.

In-house electrical appointments

Senior Colour Design/Electrical Consultant, Emma Hussey said the in-house electrical consultant is a fundamental part of a customer’s journey with Henley as it covers every minute detail regarding electrical needs and solutions.

“We sit down with each client and go through what comes in as standard inclusions for both single and double storey homes and offer a gamut of options to further enhance and personalise your home,” she said.

“We provide a batten light to all rooms of the home across all our ranges and these are ideally suited to be replaced with a flush mount light.”

“A popular choice in any home are LED downlights. Although a fraction more expensive to purchase, they are one of the most energy efficient and long-lasting lighting options. I would highly recommend clients to budget for this worthwhile upgrade.”

Illuminate us with your questions

Emma loves to see clients at the electrical consultation locked and loaded with questions. 

“With so many choices on offer, we want to cater their electrical needs on their sustainability priorities, aesthetics and functionality. We are here to help you, so no lighting question is ever off limits.

“One of the questions I get at the electrical appointments is surrounding ceiling fans and whether or not one should invest in them.”

Emma said “In the unpredictable Victorian climate, particularly in smaller residential blocks, it is well worth the upgrade. Even with air-conditioning, ceiling fans can be a great option for circulation of air.”

Brightening up inside and outside

Emma urges new home builders to consider how each space in your new home will be used.

“A high priority is considering how you and your family are going to utilise the space. For example, task areas such as a kitchen bench or bathroom mirror require increased illumination, whereas bedrooms we generally use softer lighting. Consider this in your planning process by selecting lighting solutions that will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but will also help to future-proof your home.

“Remember to also plan for exterior lighting, particularly to popular access areas.  Be sure to provision for lighting up pathways, driveways, helping to keep your home safe and secure.”

During the Electrical appointment, we will guide you to consider practical additions to create an everyday functional home, such as 2-way light switches to passageways, or staircases. We also discuss power point placement to suit not only your desired furniture layout but also consider placement for ease of access for everyday tasks, like vacuuming.

The number one question I get asked is what sort of decorative lighting accents should be added to your home. Pendant Lights over the kitchen island bench or dining table is a timeless way to introduce your decorative style into your home. Another beautiful way to add softer light is the addition of Wall Lights (wall sconce) to your space. A wall light is a wonderful way to illuminate the architectural features of your home, such as highlighting a Raked Ceiling in the living area.

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