How to organise your cupboard this winter

24th June 2021

Tips & Tricks

With winter in full swing, now is the perfect time to turn your attention to your wardrobe space, so you can easily start accessing your skivvies and scarves, and not your swimmers!

With a few tweaks, you can avoid cupboard catastrophes and transform your storage space to a winning winter wardrobe!

Vicki Gillingham, Henley Design Manager, shows you how to get organised and ready for winter, keeping your cupboard space neat and fantastically functional!

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Summer clothes begone!

The number one priority is turning your wardrobe ‘stock’ around and putting way your non-winter clothes to the back of the cupboard neatly or secured in space savers.

“Summer dresses, strappy shoes, swimmers and shorts can be packed away for the season (unless you are planning on heading somewhere up North for the winter!), to be replaced by all your winter woollies, jackets and boots.

“This also includes your bedtime wear – don’t forget to swap your silk PJs to your cosy flannels.” Vicki adds.

Arrange by colour and length

The upcoming winter season should also be the catalyst in getting your clothes organised for ease of access, so you don’t have to consume an exorbitant amount of time, randomly flicking through items to find your favourite knit or trouser.

“Think about grouping pieces by colour and length. Your red long coat can easily be found if it is next all the other red coats and cardigans. I also like to go to the next level and go from dark to light in an ombre effect with my clothing so that they’re not only easy to find/put away, it also looks visually appealing when you open your wardrobe.”

Roll up your jumpers

You may consider doing a Marie Kondo and tightly roll up your jumpers and putting them in your drawers or tallboys.

“Winter jumpers tend to stretch on hangers so it may be best to store them in drawers to avoid any damage.”

Don’t forget the accessories

When you are organising your cupboards, also think of places to put your winter accessories such as scarves, gloves, and hats.

“Accessories tend to vary in shapes and sizes, so you may consider putting up hooks inside your WIR on the door or dressing room. I like to group these in styles so that all items of a particular theme are together so that they are quick to add to your outfit and you know that they all go well together.”


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