Henley unveils top three benchtop and flooring colours our customers are selecting

20th September 2023

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When it comes to designing and specifying colour for a family home, the selection of benchtops and flooring becomes a critical decision. Choosing versatile, robust, and beautiful surfaces holds significant importance, as they not only enhance the overall look and feel of the home, but also provide practicality and endurance.

Benchtops and flooring in a family home are extensively used, and constantly exposed to daily activities and foot traffic. Therefore, it is essential to choose materials that can withstand the demands of a busy family while still maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

Georgia Caspersz, one of Henley's interior design experts, shares her insights on the most popular choices and sheds light on why these options are in high demand.

Top Three Benchtop Colours


Category 2 London Grey which is a timeless stone with a muted white tone and warm undertones. It’s perfect veining creates a bright yet textured look that pairs well with light or dark cabinetry.

Category 2 Alpine Mist is a lower-cost option with subtle veins, allowing homeowners to achieve a premium look without breaking the bank.

Category 1 Snow which is a sleek white stone with small flecks that add a clean and sleek touch to any space.


Planked Urban Oak has become a very popular choice for laundry and powder room benchtops, providing a textured timber look that breaks up solid colours.

Fresh Snow is a white textured laminate that mimics the appearance of stone, allowing homeowners to achieve a stone-like aesthetic.

Classic Oak which is another timber look laminate that adds character and texture to any space.

Georgia’s top pick

Georgia says, "London Grey is my top pick. It features timeless appeal muted white shade with warmth, and perfect veining make it a versatile option. It effortlessly creates a bright kitchen or bathroom when paired with light cabinetry. It also complements various colour schemes, making it an excellent choice for those seeking contrasting looks with dark cabinetry.”

Top three flooring colours


Category 1A Brooklyn – Newtown which is a lighter timber laminate option that adds warmth and character to any room.

Category 1A Brooklyn – Ridgewood which is another timber laminate choice with a natural aesthetic, creating a cosy atmosphere.

Category 2A Typhoon Riviera – Saint Tropez which is a popular water-resistant timber laminate with wider and longer boards, offering a cleaner look with fewer visible lines.


Category 5 (300x600) or Category 7 (600x600) Stellar Grey Lappato which are sophisticated porcelain tiles with a lustrous grey finish that adds elegance and grandeur to any space.

Category 4 (300x600) or Category 6 (600x600) Concrete Light Grey Matt finish tiles in a light grey shade, providing a contemporary and sophisticated look.

Category 5 (300x600) or Category 7 (600x600) Silver Ivory Glazed Satin or High Gloss are glazed tiles with a satin or high-gloss finish, offering a versatile and stylish option.

Georgia says, "Similar to the benchtop options, the flooring choices also follow the trend of lighter colours. Timber laminate, particularly in the lower categories, offers affordability and durability. For tiles, our clients often opt for larger format, higher-quality options that provide a sense of grandness and value. Families who prioritise durability and low maintenance often choose laminate or tiles for their homes which is a great choice for growing families.”

Favourite flooring choice

When it comes to flooring, Georgia prefers timber or laminate over tiles due to their warmth. She says, "My personal favourite is Typhoon Riviera – Saint Tropez. Aside from its appealing colour, the water-resistant quality makes it a practical choice. The wider and longer boards create a seamless look, minimising visible lines and enhancing the overall aesthetic.”

Check out display homes showcasing flooring and bench tops

For additional options and to explore the complete range of benchtops and flooring, visit the Henley showroom in Mount Waverley.

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