Henley reveals top three cabinetry configurations

13th October 2023

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Creating smart and sensible cabinetry and storage choices for the family home is not only satisfying, but also helps to avoid the unnecessary clutter in rooms. Creating user friendly cabinets that can store frequently used items makes it so much easier to retrieve and store, especially for busy families.


It makes life so much easier when you know where every is located.

To get the most out of your cabinet and storage needs, it is important to get the style, layout and storage right from the outset. And the team at the Henley showroom are there to help you, every step of the way.

The choice of cabinetry should be a top priority and customers do have their favourites, so each square centimetre of space is used effectively and efficiently.

Breahna Harry, one of Henley’s interior design consultant’s unpacks the top three cabinetry configurations customers are wanting in their dream kitchen.


Pot drawer perfection

Pot drawers offer numerous benefits that significantly enhance kitchen organisation and functionality. 

Breahna says, “By efficiently utilising the available cabinet space, pot drawers eliminate clutter and allow easy access for finding the right kitchen item without rummaging through stacked items.”

“Although they’re named pot drawers, more than just pots and pans can be stored in them. It’s very common to store your everyday essentials such as bowls, plates, baking dishes, storage containers, and chopping boards in them also.

“Henley has a range of pot drawer options with different depth drawers, so we recommend thinking about what you would be storing in them to ensure you choose the design best suited to your lifestyle and needs.” Breahna adds.

The bounty in the broom cupboard

You can never underestimate the value of a spacious and organised broom cupboard.  You can have the ultimate broom cupboard which can allow you to fit in all the necessary equipment to get your laundry and cleaning responsibilities run seamlessly.

“You have the opportunity of adding a single or double broom cupboard to any laundry cabinetry fit-out option providing there is enough space in your laundry.

“A designated tall storage space for brooms, mops, stick vacuum cleaners and ironing boards ensures all cleaning essentials are conveniently accessible in one place and are neatly stored away, reducing mess. A broom cupboard has a laminate finish to the outside, and when paired with your other laundry cabinetry, helps create the look of a complete, purposeful laundry fit out.”


Hot tip: Your linen cupboard, generally located in a hallway near your laundry or secondary bedrooms (floorplan dependant), will have four wall-to-wall shelves inside. If you’re looking for a tall storage space without upgrading, you can request to have the shelves in your linen cupboard shortened to allow space for your tall cleaning items. We refer to this option as ‘Half Broom/Half Linen’ or ‘One Third Broom/Two Thirds Linen’.

Drawing on your vanity needs

“Choosing a vanity that has a centre or side bank of drawers is a very popular selection among our clients. The key benefit of incorporating drawers into a bathroom vanity is the efficient use of storage space.” Breahna says.

“Drawers in the vanity provide organised compartments for bathroom essentials, such as toiletries, makeup and hair products, allowing for quick and easy access and preventing clutter on the countertop.

“The versatility of drawers allows for better organisation and categorisation of smaller items, while cupboards can be kept for larger bulkier items such as hair appliances and towels.

“A centre bank of drawers can be added to most of our double vanities, and a side bank of drawers can be added to some of our single vanities, depending on the size of the bathroom.”


If you’d like even more inspiration, visit one of our display centres across Melbourne and speak with our friendly team.




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