Henley and Thankyou join forces

14th May 2018

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More than a “thank you”

Thankyou has become an iconic social enterprise in ending global poverty, and we’re now proud to serve Thankyou water to you.

Our philanthropic efforts extend way beyond our hallmark Good Friday Appeal Charity Auction House, and we’re incredibly humbled to work with employees and community groups across Victoria, Australia and internationally.

A taste of giving back

We’re always happy to supply refreshments at our display centres, so we thought why not show our support for such a great cause and offer Thankyou water to our customers. Every single bottle helps get water and sanitation services to people in need. That’s refreshing in itself!

100% of proceeds are passed on

Just like our Good Friday Appeal, where we pass on 100% of the funds raised, Thankyou commits 100% of their profit to helping people in need. We admire the commitment and are now proudly looking at extending the initiative across even more of our display centres – the first builder in Australia to do so.

Ending poverty together

Right now, one billion people live in extreme poverty. Thankyou believe that we can change this and by picking up a bottle of Thankyou water at our display centres, you’re helping to make a difference with us.

More than water

Thankyou started with the idea to end the World Water Crisis and has now grown to nearly 50 products from body care to baby products, stocked in over 5,500 outlets across Australia. You can shop the products in major retailers and also online, and who doesn’t love a Botanical Sweet Orange and Almond Hand Wash!

Henley are proud to be supporting Thankyou to help end global poverty, together.




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