Handy hints for new homes

20th October 2022

First Home Builders Tips & Tricks Before You Buy

The multi-sensory feeling and excitement of moving into your new family home is a magical experience.

Embracing the fresh and beautiful environment, as you begin to place your furniture and belongings into your home, sets the scene for the wonderful memories to come.

As you settle into your new home, hindsight may trickle in, and you may discover the smallest of things that you wished you had thought about that would have made a difference.

We share some tips for you to consider when planning your new home and hope that putting it on the radar now may help you in the months ahead.


Seeing double

Having two shower heads in the master ensuite adds an unquestionable luxury, but it is important to make sure you have enough water pressure to run both at the same time.  You both deserve a long and hot shower, so it is important that the plumbing supports that need.

Having a double vanity in the kid's bathroom to avoid fighting over the space or delaying the time it takes for the family to get ready is also a bonus.


More power to you

It is very important to place light switches in a good and logical position for the flow of their room.  For example, deciding to position bedroom lights near the WIR or switches near the door.

And for the humble linen closet, consider adding a power point so you are able to charge a portable vacuum cleaner.  That way you don’t have to have the vacuum cleaner on display, keeping it neat and tidy, as well as out of sight.

In the living room, keep your options open when it comes to TV positions.  By allowing two different TV positions with data, aerial and power points, you have the flexibility to change the furniture around in the coming months or years.


Placing a power point in amongst the shelving of the butler’s pantry is also another handy idea just in case you want to put the microwave on the shelving instead of the bench. 

Other powerpoint pointers include:

  • 2-way switches when you have two entrances to a space such as an entry passage, rear passage or the ground floor and first floor of a staircase.
  • Powerpoints within the vanity allow you to keep things plugged in although out of sights such as shavers or electric toothbrushes
  • USB/C Powerpoints – no need to worry when you lose the adaptor that goes into the wall when you can plug your charging cord directly into the powerpoint
  • Consider raising the powerpoints/tv points to the middle of the wall if wall mounting a tv – this way they will be hidden behind and you won’t have to run cables behind the wall or in front of the wall where they’re then visible.
  • Powerpoint at the front of the home or close to the garage door so that you can plug in Christmas lights or wash the car
  • Speaking of Christmas lights, consider where your tree will go in the house and ensure there is a powerpoint in that location


Bedroom tips

While larger, full-length windows always welcome wonderful light, in the secondary bedrooms, consider smaller windows as it makes it easier to place furniture, especially in kids’ bedrooms.

  • Highlight windows specifically in bedrooms! They sit up high although can be wide which allows you to place furniture or art on any wall and still gain a lot of natural light.
  • Always have built in robes or walk in robes so that you’re not having to place a large dresser which takes away from the floor space.


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