Fun-filled activities for children at home

3rd July 2023

Tips & Tricks

Mid-year school holidays have arrived and mum and dad are eagerly seeking ways to keep their children entertained and engaged within the comforts of their own home – especially if they are also working from home.

Creativity and using up mountains of energy are the orders of the day!

We show you how!


Theatre room extravaganza

Transform your theatre room into a magical realm of entertainment.  Rather than flick on Netflix, encourage your kids to stage their very own plays, puppet shows, or musical performances.  With some simple props and costumes, they can let their imagination and energy run wild!

Their all-day rehearsal will then earn them the opportunity to present their final production to the whole family and create a memorable experience for everyone.


Backyard adventures

The great outdoors awaits in your backyard with plenty of activities that promote lots of exercise and exploration.  Set up an obstacle course, organise a scavenger hunt, or create an outdoor treasure hunt.

Or you can go traditional and set up a game of backyard cricket or bocce, inviting their friends for a highly spirited competition.


Culinary creativity in the kitchen

The kitchen can be a vibrant space for children to experiment, create, and bond with siblings!

Encourage them to try their hand at simple and safe recipes, including baking cookies or making their own pizzas.  It is also a perfect opportunity to let them explore the world of flavours and textures, as well as learning about cleanliness and kitchen safety.


Leisure room escape

There has got to be time during the school holidays for kids to relax and reload.  Give them time to dive into books, embark on art projects, engage in puzzles and board games.

Create a cosy reading nook with cushions and blankets or set up an art corner with various art supplies such as pencils, fabrics and wool. 

Whatever the activity, kids can have heaps of fun at home where they can explore their passions, as well as trying something new.


What do you have in mind these school holidays?




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