Being mindful – home remedies to stay active in body and soul

10th July 2020

Tips & Tricks

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In today’s fast paced, IT integrated world, achieving some level of mindfulness is extremely important to our health.  Taking the time to focus on the present moment, accepting and embracing your current feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations is a technique with  bountiful benefits. The challenge is to carve out time and an area at home for that invaluable reconnection.

It has probably been no better time than now than to refocus on mindfulness, creating some clarity and calmness in the midst of the chaos.  Henley Design’s Heidi Schwieters shares her thoughts and practises in how your home is the perfect place to achieve mindfulness.

Take a deep breath

Finding a way to introduce mindful moments, such as focussing time on deep breathing, connecting with senses, conscious listening and deep stretching of our body is always going to be a tough ask, especially when we are so time poor.  However, according to Heidi, it is all worth it.

“It has been proven that finding this balance can boost creativity, improve attention and concentration, strengthen relationships and can improve physical or emotional symptoms from multiple health issues.” Heidi says.

Find the spot

Heidi says, “You may have an ideal space to set up a mediative or exercising environment such as your master suite or in the alfresco area. For others, it may be a challenge to find an appropriate space, especially if you have a busy household.” 

“The space can be as grand as dedicating a whole room or as simple as committing a single armchair for meditation in a favourite room. Be inventive, if lacking in space maybe even a small corner in a walk-in robe or living room decked out with a small soft rug, cushions and a decorative room divider to give you a feeling of comfort and seclusion. If it is a multipurpose room such as the theatre room, consider looking at ideas such as dedicating a gorgeous storage chest or box to hide yoga mats and exercise equipment or candles and cushions for meditation.”

Heidi also recommends that you pick spaces without clutter.  Also, think about getting rid of or find ways to eliminate other possible distractions including social media.  “Try and pick your best times to use the space when the house is at its quietest. Use apps such as ‘Calm’ for background white noise or meditation sounds to remove external surrounding sounds.”

Keep it simple

“Never underestimate the power of natural light or fresh air. Find spaces in your home that harness these. Outdoor areas with room to move or bedroom nooks near open windows could work well. Get creative with spaces, use the influence of paint to generate spaces that evoke tranquillity or motivation.”

And lastly, make the space your own. Embellish the area with things that relax or inspire you, that give you purpose and direction. Keep it simple though, ‘that space should be a dedicated reminder of what you want to create inside.’

What mindfulness means to you

Mindfulness can mean different things to different people so find what works for you. Maybe family members enjoy and want to participate in the mindfulness journey occasionally or you may decide it’s as a best solo activity.

Finish off your time with a rewarding and healthy treat afterwards that fuels your body, again do what resonates with you. This may be a hot herbal tea and fresh fruit or even a protein induced fruit smoothie. Keeping it something simple that you enjoy will be what makes you continue with finding time to set aside for yourself instead of it becoming a fad. Regardless of where you set up, who joins or how you wrap up the goal is becoming focused in mind and body. For a short sweet moment at least.

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