7.5 star energy efficient family home

14th July 2021


With a standard Henley home, building and construction outcomes are already ahead of industry standards.

Each Henley home is equipped with innovations such as carbon-reduced concrete slabs, high performance downlights, double glazed windows and higher levels of draught-proofing.

These standard features contribute to enhanced climate comfort without adding additional cost. We leverage what nature and technology can provide to deliver more liveability and operational energy savings.

Whilst further options and upgrades are offered in terms of heating, cooling, heat recovery ventilation, glazing, insulation and renewable energy empowering people to build their own high performance super home.

Customers Rebecca Nelson and Richard Smith had an unwavering commitment to ensure their new home was energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. The outcome achieved on their Henley 7.5 star family home, the Palace 41 in Moonee Ponds, delivers more on all comfort, health and sustainability fronts, including:

  • High performance home – design to orientation, insulation, glazing and air tightness, optimised to maximise natural thermal comfort.
  • Healthy home – Heat Recovery Ventilation to extract dirty air and provide energy efficient fresh filtered pre-conditioned air to the home and using building materials and finishes selected to minimise release of VOC’s.
  • Lower embodied energy/carbon – concrete selected with 40% carbon savings over standard concrete.
  • Renewable energy with Tesla Powerwall battery – 5.1kW solar PV system with Tesla Powerwall 2 13.5kWh energy storage
  • An energy positive home – the home produces more energy than it consumes over a full calendar year of operation.
  • A future proof all-electric home – all services and operations in this home run off electricity and the balance of this power comes directly from the sun.

The home has been built to meet the lifestyle and needs of a busy discerning family with high expectations including a multi-generational floorplan.

“In this house, there is natural warmth in winter, coolness in summertime and great air quality – combined, it’s an organic promotion for healthy family living with the benefits of better rest at night, controlled humidity and protection from mould, while helping

to keep out undesirable external environmental factors like bugs, pollen, dust and other airborne debris and pollutants. Whilst also saving the family from high running costs...with this home annually pushing more electricity back into the grid than it consumes.”

Adam Selvay – Energy and Sustainability Manager

“It’s a comfortable house with capacity for future family needs. At the same time, working to maximise its environmental performance wherever we could was really satisfying.”

Rebecca Nelson, Homeowner

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