Latest Home Designs

Below you can see the newest homes to be offered at Henley. By listening to what our customers say we can create new home designs that meet the needs of modern Australians. Some will fit on narrower blocks which are becoming more popular, and others will be variations of our most popular designs.

Monaco 25A by Henley

Monaco 25A

Designed to fit on 12.5 x 32 lot sizes An expansive open plan entertaining zone is at the heart of this  home designed for 12.5 x 32 lot sizes.

Summit 24 by Henley

Summit 24

Designed to fit on 12.5 x 32 lot sizes A free flowing single-story design for 12.5 x 32 lot sizes.

Ashbury 30

Designed to fit on 12.5 x 25 lot sizes Designed to fit on 12.5 x 25 lot sizes, the Ashbury has your family needs covered.

Montessa 43

Designed to fit on 14x 30 lot sizes Sophisticated and multi-functional living designed to fit on 14 x 30 lot sizes.

Amalfi 33A

Designed to fit on 16 x 32 lot sizes Designer lines and contours makes the Amalfi a statement of luxury living. Designed to fit on 16 x 32 lot sizes.

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Over 80 designs to choose from Browse our full range of single and double storey homes.