Over $13.2 million and 37 homes donated over 24 years!

The Good Friday Appeal charity is close to the hearts of our directors and all of our staff.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than hearing about sick children, and there’s nothing more uplifting than knowing at Henley, we have made a difference to the lives of sick children and their families for over 24 years.

When Henley was first founded, we didn’t have the means to make a huge difference but we knew we wanted to initiate a way to contribute back to our community. 

The Royal Children’s Hospital became an obvious choice to us, given so many of our team, trades and suppliers have benefited from the hospital’s hard work, or know someone who has. 

We initially forecasted some aspirational goals of donating between $30,000 and $40,000, but the Henley management team wanted to explore the possibility of donating something much bigger. 

We hoped that if we could source donated land, we could lean on our trade and supplier network to build and donate a complete house and land package – raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, not just tens of thousands.

What we have achieved over the last 24 years is a real coming together of the building community, where trades and suppliers willingly and proudly donate their time, skills, services and products to ensure the house is built to an exacting and lasting standard.

Last year’s house sold for $663,000 in Trillium Mickleham, and we hope to break the record in 2017, with the auction of the Palace 38 home at Villawood Properties' Armstrong community to be held on Good Friday 14 April.

Our contribution to the Good Friday Appeal has seen us build and donate 37 homes, resulting in a total contribution of over $13.2 million to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

It wouldn’t be possible without our trades and suppliers – and each year, we welcome more partners on board because it is such a worthwhile and valuable cause.

Our staff are very proud to work for a company that gives so much back to the community and we’re so proud of their energy and enthusiasm bringing it together each year. 

Given the success and industry support of the charity house auction, we have since taken the concept across borders and overseas. Construction of our 7th charity house is currently underway in Queensland, and 2016 saw the first home built and auctioned in Seattle, Washington USA.

The auctions have enabled us to continue to donate large amounts of money to hospitals around the country and overseas and we are absolutely committed to passing on 100% of the proceeds. 

We believe it’s such a good thing to do - the right thing to do, and if we manage to save one baby’s life, then it makes it all worth it.

Thank you again to the trades, suppliers, industry partners and our team for making it happen and to the community for embracing the opportunity to be part of something so special!

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