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22nd May 2024

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When it comes to designing spaces for your family home that outdo trends and stands the test of time, there are some key principles to consider.

Lauren Naor, Acting Henley Design Manager, shares her expert insights on what makes a design timeless for busy families to use and appreciate.

Functionality - the terrific trifecta

“The foundation of timeless design begins with functionality. Think of it as the terrific trio in design: storage, energy efficiency, and durable finishes.” Lauren says.

Timeless designs seamlessly integrate these three elements, ensuring that your space not only looks good, but also serves its purpose efficiently.


Focal point – less is more

“In the pursuit for timeless elegance, it's essential to focus on creating a single focal point in a room, rather than scattering attention across multiple elements. Whether it's captivating artwork, statement furniture selections, feature tiles, or a strategically placed window, let one hero piece make a lasting impact.” Lauren says.
Minimise use of trends

Trends may come and go, but timeless design remains constant. When selecting materials and finishes for your family home, it's best to avoid current trends unless they can be easily swapped out, like styling pieces.
Lauren says, “Keep your foundation neutral and inject personality with interchangeable decor items. Imagine your home as a clean slate that can accommodate different tastes and styles without feeling dated.”
Let quality shine

A room filled with quality materials and finishes will always outshine one overcrowded with inferior items. Quality over quantity should be your mantra when curating a timeless interior. “It could be a piece of artwork or a striking mirror – a piece that is a real head turner when you walk into that space.” Lauren says.


2022 vs 2024 design trends

For 2022, it was all about contemporary furniture which boasted neutral hues and a peppering of bold jewel colours.

“While neutral tones like beige and taupe have been go-to choices for timeless design, 2022 saw the rise of bold jewel shades and muted earthy tones. Curved designs emerged as a significant trend, softening spaces and balancing out sharp edges in existing structures.” Lauren says.
2024 continues its celebration with a more earthy palette, with an added emphasis on sustainability and high-tech comforts.

Here are Lauren’s top 2024 style picks:

  • Warm, earthy tones are taking centre stage, creating a sense of comfort and cosiness.
  • Ethical and environmentally friendly choices are gaining prominence, with a focus on recycled and natural materials.
  • Home automation and smart devices are becoming integral to home design, enhancing convenience and functionality.
  • Curves continue to be a staple, with a more deliberate use in design, including curved benchtops, archways, and organic-shaped furniture pieces.
  • Texture, in the form of fluted patterns and textured surfaces, adds depth and dimension to spaces, moving away from flat walls.
  • The desire to connect with the outdoors has led to larger statement windows and alfresco doors, creating an open and timeless feel.


Let there be light!

Lighting trends have also evolved over the last two years. In 2022, it was all about metals and metallic finishes with linear shapes dominated lighting choices.

Lauren says, “In 2024, organic materials, glass, and textured light fixtures take the spotlight. Wall sconces are gaining popularity over pendants, adding dimension and impact to various spaces.”

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