The tricky paint colour selections explained

15th August 2020

Design Tips & Tricks

Dulux’s colour forecast for 2020 showcases the latest colour palettes to hit the interior world this year and a few of the trickier paint colours such as white and blues are present. Warmer whites and tonal blue’s feature heavily as hot trends. While grey shades are still taking a little more of a back seat on the world stage, within the Australian Market, grey’s are  still a hit in contemporary selections.

Henley Design’s Heidi Schwieters shares her tips and tricks in how you get the most of your trickier colour choices.

White noise

Whites are always a leader in interiors, regardless the hot trend on offer. Whites shades are a perfect backdrop colour to highlight contemporary finishes. They can be used to showcase bold feature pieces of artwork, rugs or cushions incorporating colourful accents or used with a subtle contrast of furnishings with layering of similar tones or materials such as linen, woven fabrics or raw timbers.

Heidi says, “Current trends of white with a warmer tone are seeing a rise, giving a feeling of warmth and comfort from the uncertainly of the outside world, and to complement these warmer whites is an increased use of grounding shades like coffee, stone, dark tans and soft burgundies. These colours give us warm inviting naturalness with a feeling of comfort and richness in earthy accents.”

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Singing the blues

“Surprisingly, bolder and soft blues tones have made a revival. Tonal blue colours with accenting rich terracotta shades and subterranean greens, mixed with eclectic vintage and retro inspired pieces and lux materials such as terrazzo create a feeling of comfort in the familiarity and of reminiscent of homeliness. It also enables us to showcase a break from the norm inspiring rejuvenation and creativity.” Heidi adds.

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Making it grey

Greys are still represented in selections however the trend is seeing these tones become warmer as per the whites’ trend, steering away from the cooler tones of grey previously more common. 

“Use grey’s with textured feature pieces of pine, rattan, wool and handcrafted raw timber furniture, which are perfect to incorporate neutral tones of beige and blush highlights.”

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More than meets the eye

According to Heidi, what denotes a tricker colour can be the undertones of the shade so it is very important to look at colour samples in natural light.

“Colours reflect warmer and cooler undertones and mixing these can be complicated to achieve. Usually it is best to keep one dominant and accent where needed, with paint features or furnishing pieces to cool down or warm up the interior space. Alternatively, keeping consistent with shades all from the warmer or cooler family will avoid issues of the selections not gelling.”

Look around you

Any aspect of the home can be worked to showcase these more tricker paint colours as like any colour Scheme it just requires an awareness of the surrounding environment such as quality of light and a consciousness of the vision to what mood is required to be created.

“If ever in doubt, patch tests are always imperative to view shades in the space and if still struggling to decide, come to Henley Design and one of our the Colour Design Consultants will be able to assist.”

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Keeping it simple

“These sometimes more difficult paint colours are on trend with a focus on warmth. Creating schemes that emphasise comfort and focusing on ‘raw’ beauty and grounding natural colours of the environment becoming the priority.  Colour Design Consultants like at Henley Design Showroom have years of experience of the best ways to proceed with selections and how to best style to achieve results of even the trickiest of schemes.  At Henley Design, we have 30 white colours on display on our Dulux White Wall and clients can also have access to the 4800 plus Dulux colour range via our Dulux specifiers atlas of available colours.”

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