The ABC of Children's Bedrooms - From Baby to Beyond: Bedroom Basics and Styling Options

26th September 2023

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As children grow, their bedrooms evolve into spaces that reflect their changing needs, interests, and personalities. From the cosy crib of a newborn to the imaginative sanctuary of an older child, the journey of designing a child's bedroom is a delightful, and often colourful adventure.


When it comes to designing and decorating children’s bedrooms, there is no shortage of options and possibilities.  Whether you are starting from scratch for your newborn or looking to revamp an existing space for your growing child, we have you covered.

Henley presents "The ABC of Children's Bedrooms - From Baby to Beyond," a comprehensive guide to bedroom basics and styling options for children of all ages.

A - Adaptable cots: The foundation of a baby's room is often a cot, providing a safe and comfortable space for the little one to rest. Look for cots that can adapt as your child grows, transforming into toddler beds or even full-sized beds, saving you money in the long run. Hot on trend are cots that are simple yet sophisticated where muted tones seem to dominate.  White and lighter wood tones set the scene and allow for splashes of colour to be peppered throughout the room.

B - Bold Colours and Patterns: As children transition from toddlers to school-age, their bedrooms become a canvas for self-expression. Embrace vibrant colours and playful patterns that spark creativity and energy, making the room an exciting space for exploration and imagination. We have seen bright jungle and beach scenes become popular choices and are often complemented with vivid paintwork and toys to match.


C - Clever Storage Solutions: Kids accumulate toys, books, and belongings faster than we can imagine. Smart storage solutions like bins, shelves, and under-bed organisers help keep the room tidy while teaching children the importance of organisation.

D - Desk for Study and Creativity: As children enter their school years, a dedicated study area becomes essential. Provide them with a desk or workspace where they can explore their hobbies, complete homework assignments, or pursue artistic endeavours.  Make sure that they have a comfortable desk chair as well as good lighting for the optimum set up.


E - Engaging Wall Decor: Walls offer an opportunity to enhance the room's theme and engage a child's imagination. Consider removable wall decals, artwork, or even a chalkboard wall where they can express their creativity freely.  This can follow a theme such as space, fairytales or a love for animals.

F - Fun Lighting Fixtures: Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right ambiance in a child's bedroom. Incorporate whimsical lighting fixtures, such as fairy lights, colourful lampshades, or themed nightlights, to add a touch of magic to the space.

G - Growing with Style: As children enter their teenage years, their tastes and preferences mature. Opt for versatile furniture and decor that can adapt to their evolving style, providing them with a room that feels grown-up while still reflecting their personality.

From pared back styling to a volcano of colour, children’s bedrooms should be a balance of functionality and personality that is enjoyed and treasured and can grow along with them.

With a focus on practicality, style, and imagination, you can transform any bedroom into a cherished sanctuary.If you’re looking for more inspiration, visit our Henley display homes across Melbourne or click here for location details.


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