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18th June 2019

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At Henley, we take information security very seriously and would like to offer some guidance in staying safe online, especially when paying your progress payment invoices.

Recently, across all industries there have been scam emails claiming to be from the Accounts department of companies, advising of a change in bank details and seeking payment to a new account.

These scam emails and the fraudulent invoices are designed to look similar to those issued by the company, but on closer inspection, you will see that they actually originate from a completely different email address.

By infiltrating your personal email account, hackers can include lots of information about you in the scam invoices which will make them seem legitimate.

We therefore strongly recommend that you follow these steps to safeguard your financial interests when dealing specifically with Henley.

1. When you receive a progress payment invoice from Henley, please check that it is from a email address.

2. Check the bank details on the invoice against the document provided at contract signing which discloses our bank details. If they are not the same, the invoice is fraudulent, and you should report it immediately.

3. Check the email address again when you forward your invoice for payment, to your financial institution/broker. If it has been targeted by a scam, in most instances the address will change at this point to an unknown address.

4. After receiving your initial invoice, if you receive a second email (even if it’s from a address) be extremely cautious and please contact your progress payment officer by phone to verify the legitimacy of the second email.

5. Please note we have absolutely no intention of changing our bank details and will NEVER advise a change of bank details via email.

6. Finally, if you have any concerns whatsoever regarding your invoices, please call your progress Payment Officer who will assist you further.

Stay safe.

Karen Wiskin
Customer Experience Manager – Henley Properties

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