Say hello to the new Eastport facade

17th January 2017


Eastport, NY. The first town you drive through as you cruise into the Hamptons region on America’s east coast.

Known for its stunning houses and affluent visitors, the Hamptons exudes sophistication whilst retaining its laid back, coastal personality.

Our Eastport façade takes inspiration from the famous bayside and has the perfect balance of modern angles and graceful finishes. The relaxed beach house feel makes it perfect for any Australian suburb and instantly gives your house that ‘homely’ feeling you’ve always dreamed of.

If you are looking for coastal inspired luxury, say hello to the Eastport!

Eastport facade representative of the Sahara 42

Eastport Thumnail_Sahara_42_Eastport_facade_2500px

Eastport facade representative of the Aegean 46

Eastport thumbail_Aegean_46_Eastport 3500UCR

Henley Sahara Series Eastport Façade Home

Eastport facade is available on the Sahara Series: Image shows Eastport Façade on the Sahara 42.

Henley Reserve Collection Aegean Series Eastport Facade Home

Eastport facade is available on the Aegean Series: Image shows Eastport Façade on the Aegean 46.

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