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8th November 2022

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A soothing curve swoops subtly in a way that catches your eye and makes an impression. It is sophisticated and stylish in the way its lines arch and flow.

From the melodic curved windows and archways to the sensual shapes of mirrors and frames, curves add a touch of eye-catching softness that is growing in popularity.

Our Interior and Electrical Design Consultant, Georgia Caspersz, unpacks the twists and turns on the curve fascination that's taking hold of interior design in Australia.


Curve creations

According to Georgia, a curve adds a lovely cocoon of style and softness to any space.

“Whether it is an oval mirror or a curved archway, a curve is a soothing element to a room that connects walls and soft furnishings beautifully,” Georgia said.

“I find that a curve adds a much-needed focal point to a space and gives you that sense of movement – like a round coffee table or oval rug.”


Loving curves

“In the living room, I love to inject a grand oval mirror, which can then set off curved art or vases. And finishing it off with a statement round light,” Georgia adds.

“We are also seeing a lot of curves and rounded forms in furniture, particularly couches and statement chairs.  They add a softer, more soothing feeling to a room against the sharp lines of walls and cornices.

“The bathroom can also celebrate curves with long oval mosaic tiles which will complement the oval vanity, mirrors, and standing bathtub, creating the ultimate fluidity in the space.


Curb the curve

Curves have more impact if they are balanced with horizontal or vertical lines to allow the curve to play centre stage. 

“But don’t overdo it with the curve as you can have too much of a good thing. A curve needs to be well thought out and create a curvaceous presence rather than a multitude of curvy focal points.

“Depending on how large the pieces are, I personally wouldn’t put more than two arched focal pieces in one room. Let them steal the show. In saying that, if they’re small additions to the space such as a lamp of a vase, don’t be afraid to add them in when you already have a curved focal piece such as a mirror.

“It’s all about the balance that optimizes the beauty and softness of a curve.”


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