Raising the Bar on Safety in 2017

2nd June 2017

General News


We continue to raise the bar with regards to safety year on year, and 2017 is proving to be no exception with another Directors’ Safety Walk completed last week.

What you may not be aware of, is that Henley is one of only two builders that hold an AS4801 Certification, which is currently the highest level of Workplace Health and Safety standards as outlined by the government.

Whilst this is a significant benchmark for us, it’s even more important to note, that Henley is constantly reviewing our safety measures and looking at ways to better ourselves against this standard. In fact, we are now looking at working towards the international standard, which is an even higher benchmark again.  

Our Directors have always regarded safety as an integral part to sustaining the future of our business. This year Koichi Nomoto (Sumitomo Managing Director ) and Rob Bowen (Henley Founding Director) both participated in the Safety System Management Review and Directors Safety Walk, further demonstrating our ongoing commitment to prioritising safety within Henley and the Sumitomo Forestry group of companies.

Our unwavering commitment to ensuring worker safety is something we are extremely proud of. Complacency is safety’s worst enemy and can become a very real risk to all if it occurs. Naturally, there are laws and legislative instruments in Victoria (and indeed nationally) to ensure protection of health, safety and welfare of all workers but the Henley Directors’ Safety Walk is part of our own pursuit of safety excellence to guarantee every single worker is safe on our job sites.

The 2017 Directors Safety Walk has been a huge success. Speaking of her first experience attending the Walk, Senior HR Business Partner, Shelley Becker said

"It made me stop and think for a minute how proud I am to be working with a company who truly wants our people to be safe – no matter the cost."

Working in partnership with our extended trade contractors and supply network partners, Henley is committed more than ever to providing clear guidance on best practices and holding those to account, ensuring safety remains the number one priority on our site.

The confidence we have in our work and our people is reflected in the fact we offer the most comprehensive array of guarantees and support in Australia.

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