Pillow talk

7th October 2022

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Creating and finishing off a sophisticated look with pillows on your couch should be classified as a new Olympic sport.

The precision and practice you need to perfect your pillow selection and placement skills should not be underestimated!

But do not fear! Henley’s very own Georgia Caspersz has all the insights and tips you need to succeed in all your throw pillow conquests.


Dive into colour and patterns

According to Georgia, your colour scheme takes first priority. “Pick a colour or two that works with existing décor and partner them with neutral tones. At the moment, we are seeing a lot of earthy tones including burnt oranges and rich chocolates, matched beautifully with off-whites and lattes.

“Don’t be afraid to use patterns! Patterns can be safely used together if you look at them as one ‘large’ pattern and one ‘small’ pattern partnered with a neutral or solid colour. If patterns scare you, try one pattern, one solid colour and one textured. But one thing for certain, try to avoid all solid colours.”

Be smart with inserts

Consider buying cushion covers and inserts separately – this way you can mix and match depending on the season or what you’re liking at the time. The covers take up minimal space when not in use, rather than having to store away pillows which take up a lot of space.


“If you purchase separate covers and inserts, always chose a cushion insert that is 3-5 cm larger than the cover. This way, the insert will fill out the cover properly resulting in a soft, plump cushion.”

“Also, consider investing in down or feather inserts rather than synthetic. Down or feather pillows can be washed, and fluffed and have a luxurious feel. They can also be chopped down the centre – which gives that ‘lived in’ vibe.”


Let’s get arranging!

According to Georgia, it is great if you can introduce different shapes and sizes. Don’t stick to just square pillows. Have a look at the rectangles and circular pillows which create lovely impacts.


“Pillows look best in clusters of three. If three looks overbearing for the size of your couch, consider partnering a throw by draping it in the corner where the cushions are.”

Get inspired!

“Instagram and Pinterest are my go-to when looking for inspiration. On Instagram, follow stylists or even home décor or furniture pages that align with your style and take note of how they arrange cushions.

“Pinterest is like a search engine – type in a keyword like ‘cushions’ and scroll through the results, the more you click on ones that you like, the more the results become personalised.”


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