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7th August 2023

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Choosing the perfect white paint can often be a daunting task for homeowners. With countless shades of white available in the market, the options seem endless, and you will be surprised at how white paints can look completely different in various rooms and lighting.

Finding that perfect tone creates the ideal foundation to build upon as you style and furnish your home. Whether you are envisioning a sleek all-white kitchen or rich in colour living room, white works in seamlessly with every hue – its versatility is unmatched!


Bridie Spillane, interior design consultant, emphasises that personal preference and the specific requirements of a space should always be considered when selecting the ideal shade of white paint.

“In our design showroom, paint is typically chosen last to visualise the overall colour scheme and determine the need for a white paint with a warm, cool, or neutral undertone. And the results are in!  The three standout white paints being chosen by our clients are Lexicon ¼, Casper White ½, and Mount Buller.”

1. Dulux Lexicon ¼


“Lexicon ¼ is a cool-toned shade of white that lends a crisp and fresh look to walls. This versatile colour pairs perfectly with minimalist interiors, as well as spaces featuring bold furniture pieces or colourful artworks. Its adaptability extends to open plan spaces, a key design feature showcased in all of our floor plans. The fluidity of Lexicon ¼ makes it a reliable and popular choice among new home builders.”

To check out Lexicon ¼ in person, visit any of these displays:

Panama 28 – Truganina

Carmelle 25 – Mt Duneed

Summit 24 – Berwick

Carmelle 31A - Kalkallo

2. Dulux Casper White


Casper White, a neutral white, has gained popularity both among the clients and Bridie herself. Available in full, half, or quarter strength, this flexible shade complements both warm and some cooler interior spaces.

“Casper White is my go-to paint for many projects as it pairs perfectly with lighter trims, accentuating architectural details such as windows, doors, and mouldings. The result is a visually appealing and engaging space. This paint selection appeals to those who seek to add depth to their interiors without going too dark.”

3. Dulux Mount Buller


“If you're a fan of interiors exuding warmth, character, and dimension, Mount Buller is the perfect choice. This shade deviates from the safe and bright whites commonly favoured and appeals to the growing trend of warmer-hued spaces. Mount Buller pairs exceptionally well with rich earthy tones and textural design features, creating a captivating ambiance.”

And you can check out Mount Buller at these displays:

Montessa 43 – Berwick

Palace 33 – Berwick

Vogue 34 – Lara

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