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28th June 2019

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One of Australia’s leading interior voices, The Interiors Addict, published by interiors lover extraordinaire, Jen Bishop, recently featured Henley’s insights and expert tips on rugs.

Jen caught up with Henley Colour Design Consultant, Abbie O’Connor on how to choose the perfect rug, what is hot on trend and how to avoid choosing the wrong rug for your home and lifestyle.

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Which size and shape is right for your space?

The Interiors Addict firstly looked at the importance of preparation and measurement is before you decide on the ideal rug.  “Before you measure what rug size you should purchase, position your furniture so you know where each piece will be placed.”

Abbie added, “Decide whether your furniture will sit on the rug, off the rug or half on/half off the rug and always leave 45cm between the rug and the wall. We want the room to be cosy, not claustrophobic.”

The lounge room

According to The Interiors Addict, there are three ways to place a rug in a lounge room and with no ‘right’ answer it comes down to personal preference. Firstly, while a little controversial, you can choose to have all of your furniture legs off the rug. “This was a popular style in the 90’s but is making a comeback as it works really well in small spaces such as apartment living,” says Abbie.

For those on the fence, having your furniture legs half on and half off is a great solution. “This is the most popular option that we see and it suits all spaces as well as usually being quite cost-effective,” says Abbie. Given you don’t have to go down the custom route (because any size should work), this option is arguably the most forgiving and it’s easier on the hip pocket too.

All legs on the rug is also permissible, though bear in mind that you are paying for all that metreage that remains unseen. “This style is stunning! But it is only suited to spaces that have a vast amount of space to be able to take such a large rug. It’s really great for large open plan living or when there is minimal furniture in a room,” says Abbie.

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The bedroom

The Interiors Addict then went onto the bedroom with also three options to consider to place your rug. “Firstly, you can go for 1/3 of the bed on the rug where the rug only goes under the very end of the bed,” says Abbie.

The next option is to put your rug under 1/3 to 2/3 of the bed. “This is the most popular option as you can see more detail of the rug and it’s a cost-effective alternative as you can purchase a slightly smaller rug,” says Abbie.

For larger bedrooms you can choose to put the whole bed on the rug. “With this option the bedside tables and bed are all on the rug with a significant amount overhanging so you can still see the pattern and detail of the rug underneath. Much like the lounge, this style requires a vast amount of open space and doesn’t work for a small area,” says Abbie.

The dining room
The dining room was not neglected either in the online piece. “There is only one option when it comes to a dining table rug and that is having all chairs still on the rug when they are pushed out for someone to get out of their seat, otherwise you will struggle to see the rug,” says Abbie though she’s not a fan of the look for practical reasons.

“Although rugs obviously add texture, warmth and pattern to a space, this is not a style I recommend to clients especially if they have young children as the rug does become dirty very quickly from dropped food or spilt drinks. If you do opt to do so, try to purchase an indoor/outdoor style rug which will be easier to clean,” says Abbie.

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Rug trends

The Interiors Addict went through the suite of rugs on offer and deciding which one is ideal for our space. “Both plain and patterned are on trend this winter. For patterned, I have found Moroccan style rugs in bright bold colors to still be very popular, especially for those wanting to add some colour into their living room whilst keeping the furniture very neutral,” says Abbie.

Interiors Addict was in full agreeance with Abbie that while patterned rugs are on trend, neutral plain ones always remain popular. “Neutral is still the most common trend and the one you will gain the most longevity out of. Thick looped rugs are very on trend and a raised pattern in the same material is also popular,” says Abbie.

“Turkish, Moroccan and kilim rugs are definitely trending too. It’s hard to open a magazine without seeing a textured heirloom rug plus jute and wool rugs are still proving popular as they suit most interiors. Animal hides are making a strong resurgence as well as replica vintage rugs reworked with fading,” says Abbie.

“However, my most favourite rug trend this season would have to be ‘double rugging,’ why settle for one when you can have two?! Or why settle for one large rug when all you really wanted was an animal hide but your space was too large. This creates so much unexpected drama and interest,” says Abbie.

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To rug or not to rug?

When assessing whether a room really needs a rug there are three key things to consider. “If you feel a room needs anchoring, if furniture feels like it’s floating in a room with no purpose, or the room feels cold, then a rug is a must,” says Abbie.

And Abbie encourages you to think outside the box when it comes to the way in which you use rugs.

“A rug doesn’t have to be used on a floor! There are so many ways of using a rug – get creative. Why not use an animal hide instead of a traditional throw on your bed or chair? There is also nothing wrong with framing or hanging a rug on a wall as an alternative to traditional artwork. I have even seen bedheads upholstered into bedheads. Create the unexpected,” says Abbie.

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What to avoid

Abbie says that the biggest mistake she sees is when people have a rug purely for the sake of it and they don’t really ‘love’ it – she says it’s worth waiting until you find one that you adore.

“Not considering your lifestyle when selecting a rug is also a big mistake. For example, don’t invest in a large loop rug when you have pets or children that will pull at the fibers. Also, choosing a light coloured rug when you know it will be put in a high traffic area is also best avoided.”

To read the article, visit The Interiors Addict

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