Achieving the ultimate staycation with Weekend Today!

22nd December 2018

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Achieving the ultimate staycation

With summer holidays just around the corner, for many, the sun and the sand are beckoning.

But for others who may find themselves with little annual leave left or have close to no budget for a trip away, don’t despair.  You can still enjoy a well-deserved break in your very own home.

Henley Properties, Elana Panayiotou was recently featured on Channel Nine’s Weekend Today where she shared some tips and tricks in transforming your family home into the holiday getaway that you can still soak up and enjoy - without leaving your front door!

The live cross was from Henley’s Sahara 40 at Berwick Waters – a perfect backdrop for the ultimate staycation!

Switch it off

First things first – for the ultimate ‘do not disturb’ getaway, consider switching off the WiFi and your mobile phone. 

Elana says, “Having a digital detox is hands down one of the simplest and easiest ways for that much needed R&R. Our phones are a blessing – they bring us so much joy and make life so easy but turning them off and actually focusing on what you’re doing right now means that you’re not spending time focusing on someone else’s life!  It forces you to be present and just chill out, watch whatever you want with your partner/kids/by yourself and not be distracted.”

“You can be forgiven though if you want to slip into the Theatre room to watch your favourite shows that you have not had time to look at during the year on Netflix.  Not only is binge watching allowed, popcorn is also permitted and encouraged.”


Cooking up a storm

Whether you are imagining yourself in a cosy French village or a bustling Vietnamese town, transport yourself to that destination by whipping up a myriad of international cuisines in your kitchen.  Create butter chicken from scratch or whip up the ultimate Italian antipasto, start experimenting with flavours and ingredients you don’t usually have time to create.

Elana said, “Set yourself a challenge – try and cook something completely different to your normal day to day meals. Try a specific cuisine such as Indian, Korean Barbeque or even vegan night! The best ones to try are the casual feasting style meals that get everyone involved and cooking right on your dining table.”

“If you are struggling for ideas on where to start – YouTube have so many easy to follow recipe ideas and you don’t have to spend a fortune to cook delicious healthy food!”


Celebrating the outdoors (undercover!)

Slip in and out of the outdoors with your resort-style under cover alfresco.  Catch up on your reading, dust off the board games or enjoy cocktail hour in the privacy and luxury of your alfresco area.  Why not invest in a hammock for that well-deserved siesta? 

Being suspended from the ground as a weightless little cocoon has some health benefits like lowering cortisol (stress hormone) as well as being good for your mind, body and soul.” Elana added.

“Consider having your friends and family over for a game’s night. Split into teams, play charades, Pictionary, Monopoly whatever you like. Not only does it get you away from staring at your phones, it is a great way to interact with those you love and a few laughs along the way.”


Open the doors and let the air in

When you have open plan living, nothing spells holiday than cranking the back doors open and letting the afternoon breeze waft through the entire house.  Slip into your favourite bathers or PJs and stay in them all day.  Who is going to stop you?

“You may like to set up rugs and cushions on the floor in your alfresco or on your grass, and grab some coffee tables, set up a big long cheese platter on some chopping boards, (or even Christmas leftovers), invite some friends around and enjoy a nice long relaxed chat with your nearest and dearest! This would be a great idea if you are wanting a relaxed vibe for New Year’s Eve or even New Year’s Day!”

Plan to do…nothing

Holidaying at home gives you permission to avoid house work, order in your favourite takeaway or simply relax and unwind.  You can even stay in bed – all day if you like.  There are no rules to follow.  Enjoy your home – it becomes flexible to what your needs are.


Happy holidays!

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