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13th December 2021

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There’s no doubt Instagram is the visual storyboard of inspiration, and that’s especially so with new home interiors, facades and selections.

Henley’s Instagram continues to engage new, potential and past customers who are chasing the latest in interior inspo, and it’s now being complimented with live access to Henley’s top interior designers and colour consultants – all ready to take your questions in real time, online.

A recent IG story tapped into the white woes – which colour white…warm or cooler?  The verdict? The poll caught the preferences with a slight majority preferring cooler whites – with Lexicon, White on White and Lexicon Quarter all rating highly in the most recent online poll.

Whether you decide in keeping it chilled with cooler whites or heating it up with warm whites, with white as the base, each room will become the perfect canvas for you to express your interior decor and taste.

Here are the top white paint related questions asked on IG stories, and the expert designer answers!   

With paints this white, should I do my skirts and arcs the same colour?

I00 per cent! It can look beautiful and minimal if you keep the same colour for the walls and skirting/architraves.  (Only recommend for white like this though. I would steer clear of selecting any internal woodwork with a yellow undertone as it can make it looked aged.)

Why does everyone choose white for their walls?

Even though it is a popular choice, a lot people do opt for a darker tone to give more of a contrast between the walls and internal woodwork (skirts/arcs/doors).  There is no right or wrong!  A lot of people like to select whites to make the home feel larger, airy and fresh!  Whites are also timeless, so you will never get sick of it.  They also allow you can change your furniture and styling around a lot easier without being pigeonholed into a particular theme or trend that may date over time.

Would you suggest warm lighting for warm whites and cool lighting for cool?  Please advise further

Not necessarily!  I love warm white lighting for all colour schemes personally because it is a lot softer on the eyes and I find warm lighting a bit more cosy/homely.  Our natural lighting does however work really well with a black and white colour scheme or if you’re wanting to see the whites as their ture colour (like they were outside in natural daylight.)  A lot of people prefer natural lighting in their homes I find … but it is really personal preference!

What’s a great white that will still make my house feel fresh and open, but isn’t sterile?

I love Dulux Beige Interest, otherwise Natural White is the perfect warm white.

What white would you suggest for a ‘true white?’

I would say Lexicon Quarter as that is what we use as default for our ceilings to all our homes – it is a bright white that works with almost every colour palette.

What’s your favourite colour?  Or some of the consultants favourite colours?

My favourite colour is Dulux Mount Buller! It is so beautiful and warm.  I love it paired with natural timbers.

What white would you match with polar white cabinetry and frozen terra bench tops?

I would go for Lexicon or even Lexicon Quarter – similar colour scheme to our Cohen 22 display from the Canopy Estate.

Henley would love to hear from you on Instagram with all your interior design questions.  Visit https://www.instagram.com/henley_homes/


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