Green with envy – falling head over heels over green tiles

7th June 2022

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Whether it forms part of a mosaic, is a small or large tile in its configuration or is a unique shape, a green tile is there to make a statement in your home.

But how much of an impact are you striving for?

Depending on the shade of green you are after – from emerald, olive green, deep forest or the palest of jades, the palette, intensity and where you decide to lay the green tile is a personal choice.

Don’t despair, as the Henley Design team is here to help! Rebecca Dunn talks us through the majestic qualities of green tiles and how they can be injected into a home.


It is easy being green in the bathroom!

The bathroom is one of the ideal spaces to celebrate a green tile. A green tile can be bold and brash, adding a distinctive personality. As a smaller space, you can be a little more adventurous in the way you use a green tile in the bathroom. Perhaps a green tile feature wall or dedicate the shower space to ceiling to floor green tile.

Rebecca, Interior Design Team Leader says, “You may also consider using a patterned green tile to amplify the look to a whole new level. But make sure, you don’t overdo it as you don’t want that unique look to dominate the space, but rather complement it!

“I am loving the herringbone style of tile for the bathroom. It is not only a pop of intense colour but an instant head turner with its unique shape.”


Seeing green in the kitchen

Your kitchen can be transformed into head turning stunner with a green tiled splash back. The choices are endless from fish scale tiles in majestic teal, or natural marble mosaic to a glossy subway tile in jade.

“Whether the kitchen cabinetry is shining bright in white or has a earthy timber finish, a green tile splash back will certainly make a long-lasting style statement, especially with complementary crockery and decorative pieces.”


Glorious greens

According to Rebecca, choosing a green tile beautifully links in with nature and can connect the interiors to the outdoors seamlessly.

“The tone of the green tile chosen is really important. Selecting that perfect hue, sets the scene in how you style the rest of the room.

“And don’t be shy in featuring elements of green in your styling as well to make that green tile pop even more.”


Check out the look in the flesh

Visit the Ashbury 34 at our Craigieburn display centre so you can experience the beauty and ingenuity of a green tile and how it amplifies sophisticated elegance in one stylish swoop.

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