Getting specific with your laundry sink

13th July 2021

Design Tips & Tricks

The laundry sink has always had a mammoth task to uphold.  From handwashing, pre-soaking to spot cleaning and rinsing, the humble trough is usually high in practical use, but does it have trendsetting qualities to transform your laundry from ordinary to extraordinary?  According to Henley Design, they certainly do!

Henley Design Manager, Vicki Gillingham, sinks into her laundry trough knowledge, from the functional and practical aspects to what makes a beautiful sink.


Size me up!

If you’re going for a single bowl sink in the laundry, ideally a sink that measures approximately 500mm x 400mm, and holds approximately 40 litres minimum, is a great size to go with, as this enables it to be practical without taking over too much of the bench top space. We know how important benchtop space is after all!

Sinking into different materials

While stainless steel is commonly thought of as the go-to choice for laundry sinks, there are other options to select from that can completely change the look and feel of your space.

Vicki says, “Ceramic farmhouse or apron style sinks are perfect choices for those that are wanting more of a traditional Country or Hamptons style look for their home. Made from ceramic or porcelain and metal, these sinks are ergonomic and functional. However, due to their oversized nature, it is important to consider if you have the space to make such a statement and also the room in the budget as they can be quite costly.”

“Fragranite sinks are also another alternative to the traditional stainless steel sink and they are making a statement in modern laundries. Available in moody Onyx or fresh Polar White, these sinks can be used seamlessly with a variety of different colour schemes and styles. Franke Fragranite Sinks are constructed from 80% quartz sand and 20% very hard acrylic resin, making them an ideal choice for active families. The material with its subtle sheen repels bacteria, has a patented sanitized coating, and it resists temperatures of up to 280° celsius.”

Trending tapware

According to Vicki, pull out sink mixers are the best option for a laundry as they make cleaning up so much easier.

“They are perfect if you use the laundry sink to bath your pets as you can keep one hand on your furry friend while the other controls the water and tap. The other thing to consider is high profiled taps that allow you to easily fit buckets, pots etc. under the spout to fill them up rather than having to manoeuvre them at awkward angels. Think taps that are between 220mm and 450mm high and have a flexible or pull-out spray function like the Vivid Slimline Pull Out Sink Mixer or Blix Flexible Hose Sink Mixer from Phoenix Tapware.”

One tub or two?

While one tub is sufficient for most, if you have enough space and room in the budget for two, just think of the possibilities!

Vicki adds, “You can have stubborn stained clothes soaking in one while the other is still able to be utilised, wash off dirty gardening tools in sink one while they dry off in sink two, fill them both up with your plant babies for their weekly water, or why not pour in a bag or two of ice when you are entertaining and chill alcoholic beverages in one side and pop the non-alcoholic or mixers into the other.

Vicki’s fan favourite

“I am loving the Kubus Fragranite Polar White Single Bowl Sink KBG 110-50 PW by Franke for a seamless fresh look while not compromising on size of style. This sink looks gorgeous in a fresh Scandi or Australian coastal styled interior with light timbers, fresh whites and subtle hints of greenery.” In fact, this head-turning sink is on display in the Palace 33’s kitchen at World of Homes in Berwick.

Henley Design knows their sinks

“At Henley Design, our most popular style of sink is the traditional 45L stainless steel inset sink by Clark. It is trusty, reliable and no fuss!

“Some other popular selections that we are seeing come through include more modern square interpretations such as the Bolero Single Bowl Sink BOX 210-50 or the Steel Queen Laundry Tub SQX 610 which are both available in inset or undermount options and come in stainless steel finish.” Vicki adds.


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