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8th June 2022

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Industrial style continues to evolve with its modern chic and sophisticated edge. Often connected to exposed bricks, a peppering of wood and black features, creating a more industrial look to your home can evoke an eclectic and personal simplicity that will be envied by all.

Henley Design shares their tips and tricks when it comes to creating the no-fuss industrial look, that oozes charm and elegance in one brush stroke.

Getting into the industrial zone

Industrial Design has many elements to it and people usually think of old industrial warehouses or factories that have been converted into apartments, but an industrial vibe can still be achieved in your house even if it isn’t a renovated factory.

To celebrate a room with an industrial finish, opt for furnishings which are simple in design but can be accentuated with natural textures and a neutral palette. Think oversized comfy cushions and throw rugs, as well as faux fur and linens.

“When designing a space with an industrial finish in mind, simplicity and comfort are the two priorities. Consider stripping back on the architectural details and stick to fixtures and furnishings that have that raw sophistication to it such as a statement dining table with pared back chairs on top a textured rug in latte or beige.”


What’s to love about the industrial look

“What we love most about an Industrial finish is the boldness and character this style brings to your home, it’s exciting and interesting and seeing recycled and raw materials being used is inspiring and conversational. Industrial finishes can be dark and moody, or light and bright, it’s a truly timeless style.

“The emphasis with the industrial look is to incorporate natural and bare materials in your styling choices.  However, an occasional pop of colour, often seen in flowers or soft furnishing is also welcomed!”


Pulling off industrial style

To create the ultimate industrial space, your go-to materials include stone, distressed leather, copper and wood.  With stone benchtops and wooden or laminate floors, you have the foundation to build on the industrial feel with fittings and fixtures you come across in your travels.

Industrial style also celebrates the silhouette – often leaning towards block shapes or squared lines.  While there is flexibility to this ‘rule’ keeping it simple and sharp sets the scene to any industrial space in your home.

Keeping spaces clutter free is king when it comes to creating an industrial feel. A peppering of abstract wall art, coupled with cool and decorative pieces will amplify your space in the industrial stakes.


Get industrially inspired with Henley

To experience the industrial style, Henley has a suite of displays for you to explore.


The Bass Façade featured on the Sahara 40 at our Lara display centre, showcases an industrial look with it’s bold and rugged finish. This façade exhibits the Austral Cultured Sands Opaque Calcite brick, a naturally formed brick that definitely gives you that industrial feel. This façade also features painted timber cladding in the colour Monument, this is a dark and bold colour that contrasts perfectly with the red brick giving you a very popular industrial and architectural finish.



The Sahara 36 at our World of Homes Truganina features an industrial styled kitchen, with it’s dark timber laminate cupboards, contrasting with the dark grey cabinetry and concrete looking Caesarstone. These are key components of an industrial finish.


The Ashbury 30 in our World of Homes Wollert showcases a gorgeous, bricked splashback in the kitchen, paired with a timber laminate as the cabinetry colour exudes industrial vibes!


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