Divisive Styling Decisions

15th October 2020

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It seems some of the more subtle styling decisions in the home are also the most controversial, with 100’s of comments appearing online about surprisingly divisive topics, like rugs under dining tables and the “not so dirty clothes pile”, as well as what’s trending in window coverings. We speak to our team of experts for a professional opinion to settle the score!

Rug or no rug under the dining table?

It probably shouldn’t divide friends, but it appears rugs are right up there with politics – everyone has an opinion!

For some, it is a clear no, where the possibility of food being constantly embedded into the fibres, equates to the biggest of daily chores, especially with young (or older) messy eaters!

For others, they wouldn’t dream of a dining table without a spanning rug underfoot – which team are you on?

We have split ruggers and non-ruggers here, but the takeaway message from our team of experts is this - If you do decide to have a rug,  try and find one that is big enough to have all the chairs on, even when they are pulled out.  That way, you can make the rug part of your styling feature, not just for functionality.

Rugs can add texture, warmth and pattern to a space, and you can also consider using an indoor/outdoor style rug for easier cleaning.

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Not so dirty after all

We all have them. There’s no shame in admitting it. The in-between clothes.

We’re defining them as attire that should definitely not go back to the clean and pristine wardrobe, but they have not been worn long enough to be dumped in the washing basket. So how do you cater for them on the daily?

We think they deserve a dedicated space for you to access easily but be in an area that is kept neat and tidy.

Rather than have disheveled pile of clothes at the base of the bed or in the ensuite, consider installing a wall-mounted line of hooks on the back of the door or a valet stand in the corner of the bedroom.  This might be the perfect solution by having a designated area for your go-between clothes, and that way, your clothes are out of the way but still easily accessible.

A snuggle chair or occasional chair can also work, but only if you wear and rotate the items.

Blind to curtain style

Blinds, curtains, combination? Shutters? If you watch the online chat forums, everyone has a strong opinion on the window no-goes!

Window coverings play a pivotal role in the look and purpose of a room. They can be highly functional, purely for aesthetics and cosmetic appeal, or be responsible for both. 

The choices are endless, but to keep it simple, we can categorically say that sheer S-Fold curtains, ceiling mounted and teamed with a block out blind behind the curtain is the most popular window furnishing combination.

The suppleness of the S-Fold allows even the densest of fabrics to look soft and flowy, while having them flow from a ceiling mounted track adds than next level of opulence. The beauty of a sheer S-Fold is that it provides the functionality of privacy during the day, while still allowing natural light to flow into the space.

Teaming it with a block out roller blind behind the curtain completes the combination, as the blind provides practical privacy at night, or for children that still take a day nap.

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