Henley Mortgage Fund

Let us help with your mortgage repayments, with the new Henley Mortgage Fund.

We’ll happily cover $1,000 towards your new home loan repayments every month for 2 years, that’s a whopping $24,000!

While we contribute to your household finances, it will give you time to find your feet and save for a rainy day along the way (or you can book that weekend escape, or have the smashed avo toast…no judgement here)!

Unlike the bank of Mum and Dad, we won’t ask for it back, and there’s no guilt attached – it’s yours to keep towards your new home.

We’re grateful for the $7 billion backing of our parent company, The Sumitomo Forestry Group, which means we can help more Aussie families get into their new homes sooner.

Enjoy the confidence of $1,000 extra cash going straight into your bank account every month, for two years!

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The Mortgage Fund is available for new deposits paid after 02 January 2024 across all of our ranges, but not our completed homes business. It will be paid in the form of 24 x $1,000 monthly payments only if the following criteria are met: (1) payment of an initial deposit to Henley; (2) sales paperwork is completed within 30 days of paying the initial deposit for titled land or if forecast land title date is within the next 9 months; 90 days after payment of initial deposit if forecast to title later than 9 months from deposit date. If building a Knockdown Rebuild, sales paperwork must be completed within 90 days of the initial deposit. (3) provision of confirmation of finance as per step 2 in the ‘Building with us’ document, (4) a signed contract and payment of the 5% balance of our total contract value within 7 days of signing the contract. (5) For untitled land, commencement of construction work on site on or before 30th September 2025, (6) provide finance confirmation including a current unconditional letter of offer within 30 days of contract signing and written confirmation from finance provider that funds are ready to be released for construction progress payments for titled land, or for untitled land, provide finance confirmation within 30 days from the title being issued. (7) Written confirmation of land ownership for titled jobs must also be provided, and for untitled jobs, provide evidence of land ownership within 30 days of land titling. (8) Provision of all necessary information as requested to obtain a building permit as well as a current bank statement showing the adequate amount to cover the build project if no bank loan is required and the base claim invoice must be issued. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

$7B backing – Henley is part of Sumitomo Forestry Group, which has a shareholder funds position of AUS $7B (based on net assets of JPY 682.6 trillion as at 31 December 2022 converted at the average exchange rate over the 12 months to that date).