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How does The Henley Advantage work?

How does the $6,000 cash bonus work?

It’s simple. Henley will deposit $500 into your chosen bank account, once a month for 12 months, following settlement on your new home. All persons named on the sales quote must sign and nominate a single bank account into which the funds are to be deposited.

What can I spend my upgrade allowance on?

There are no limitations! You have the flexibility to spend this however you want when you are going through the Sales Quotation process with your New Home Consultant. Why not consider flooring, refrigerated cooling, increased ceiling height, walk in robe fit out, façade, site costs, the options are endless! But we recommend you spend it all because if there is any amount left over, this will not be provided as a credit.

What can I use my $6,000 cash bonus for?

Anything you like! The Henley Advantage is designed to give you an advantage once you settle and move into your new home. You can use this money however you want to reduce your living expenses. Why not treat yourself to a holiday or new home appliances, put it towards your car or credit card repayments, utility bills or it can be as simple as allocating to your mortgage repayments. The choice is completely yours!

  • Mortgage repayments
  • Car repayments, insurance, registration
  • Transport – fuel, e-tag, vehicle repair/service, train/bus tickets
  • Utility bills – gas, water, electricity
  • Home insurance
  • Council rates
  • Child care, babysitting
  • Mobile phone bills
  • School fees, books, uniforms, excursions, tuition
  • Credit card repayments
  • Student loans
  • Grocery shopping, take away, work/school lunches
  • Entertainment - restaurants, movies, celebrations, date nights
  • Private health insurance, doctor’s appointments, dentist, physio
  • Appliances – TV, fridge, washing machine, audio visual
  • Holiday/family outings – museum, theme parks, play centres
  • Hobbies - gym memberships, sporting clubs
  • Pet care – vet bills, grooming, food
  • Subscriptions – Netflix, Foxtel, Stan, sporting channels
  • Landscaping, fencing, driveway, letterbox

When will I get my Henley Advantage cash payments?

If you settle on your Henley home on 1st day of the month, you will start receiving payments on the 15th day of the same month. If you settle on or after the 15th day of that month, you will receive your first payment on the 15th day of the following month for 12 months. Payments are only deposited once a month into your account on the 15th day of every month. If this day falls on a weekend or public holiday, Henley will make payment on the next available business day. It may take up to three business days from the payment date for the funds to have cleared into your nominated account.

What if I change my bank account?

If you need to change your nominated bank account this is no problem. Just notify your friendly Henley Admin team member and they will supply you with a new banking details form. Any change to your banking details can only be made in person or by written letter, not by email. You will need to provide signatures of all persons named on the building contract as well as the new account details.

What happens if I decide to sell my home after settlement?

We understand that you may need to make the tough decision to sell and that’s ok. The Henley Advantage repayments are linked to individual or persons entering the building contract, it is not linked to the ownership of the property. These payments will still be issued until the 12 months has ended.

Will I still receive the Henley Advantage if I don’t have titled land?

Of course, the Henley Advantage cash bonus is available for customers with land whether it has or has not titled. We want to ensure everyone can take advantage of this great Henley offer. If you have any questions, your New Home Consultant can assist you or you can review our Terms and Conditions below.

What homes does this promotion apply to?

The Henley Advantage is available across all Essence, Henley Collection and Reserve single and double storey homes.

How do I move forward with the Henley Advantage?

Great question! We recommend you visit one of our five display locations across Melbourne and meet with one of our New Home Consultants. They will be able to provide expert advice on your new Henley home. But don’t delay, this offer won’t last long so take advantage of it a soon as you can.

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*TERMS AND CONDITIONS The “up to $42,000” Henley Advantage offer statement is based on a calculation of the upgrade value applicable on the Emporio 47 ($36,000) and $6,000 cash which will be paid in the form of 12 x $500 monthly payments from the first 15th day of the month after settlement has occurred on your home. If this day falls on a weekend or public holiday, Henley will make payment on the next available business day. Payments will be issued into your selected bank account. Different upgrade amounts will apply to different house designs. If the full amount of upgrades is not used, the balance remaining will not be provided as a credit. Offer effective only to initial deposits placed from 03/06/19. To be eligible to receive this offer, sales paperwork must be signed and second deposit received within 30 days of initial deposit being paid for fixed site cost jobs and 60 days for non-fixed site cost jobs except for Knockdown Rebuild which must provide signed paperwork and second deposit within 90 days of initial deposit. For customers eligible for fixed site costs, final contracts must also be signed within 120 days from payment of initial deposit to qualify for this offer. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Speak to your New Home Consultant for more information. Henley Arch Pty Ltd Reg No: CDB-U49972.