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8th February 2018

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Windows offer more than just allowing light and ventilation into your home and in our effort to deliver high performance homes, double glazed windows* now feature as a standard inclusion at Henley across all our ranges, helping home owners enjoy a more comfortable climate, with a more cost effective, more secure and future proof outcome.

Say hello to more affordable, high performance homes

Building higher performance future proof homes has been a key pillar for Henley since we led the industry by introducing 5-star energy rated homes as standard - prior to the introduction of legislation. We passionately believe in the benefits of building higher quality homes, and take our responsibility as a Top 10 Australian builder to source and provide affordable options very seriously.

Improve indoor climate, comfort and reduce costs

Performance windows minimize the impact of rising electricity costs, with the ultimate benefit of producing a more consistent and comfortable internal climate. Double glazing provides this advantage by reducing heat transfer by 35%[1] in comparison to single glazing.


Better pane performance

Double glazing combines inner and outer glass panes into a single window system, separated by a spacer, which is a “still” insulating layer of air or gas. The benefits are better thermal protection, excellent sound insulation and according to, even better security as two panels are harder to break than a single glass pane.

Improving air quality

Double glazed windows can also reduce condensation, which occurs when inside is toasty warm and outside is freezing. The reduction in condensation decreases the chance of mould forming, improving indoor air quality and according to Sensitive Choice, this can help reduce some of the triggers to asthma and allergies.

6-star rating on any orientation

The benefits of a 6-star rating are even easier to enjoy when it doesn’t come at an additional cost, which is why also include the cost of the rating itself**. All standard house plans and base façade on any orientation, on a waffle pod slab, across our three beautiful ranges, Henley Essence, Collection or Reserve, are inclusive of the 6-star rating**.


Henley leads the industry, again

While you won’t see the difference of double glazing, you’ll feel it and we’re proud to once again raise the industry benchmark to a new standard when it comes to smart inclusions. We remain as committed as ever to identifying, researching and exploring the latest innovations and ideas in new homes – continuing to build tomorrow’s homes today!

 *Double glazing is excluded to all doors (including entry doors, stacker doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors and half-light/full-light laundry doors, all door frames (side-lights), butt jointed corner windows and picture windows to living areas

**6-star energy rating - Additions and deletions of structural items (e.g. picture windows, window alterations, upgraded facades, slab other than waffle pod etc.) may affect the energy rating of the home and any additional costs to achieve a 6-star energy rating incurred by the changes will be charged.

[1] Stegbar U-value comparison derived from STG-001-26 to STG-002-03 from


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