House & Land

House and land packages are a naturally beneficial bundle. Expert-selected land in Melbourne’s most popular communities have been carefully chosen and optimally paired with our award-winning home designs to create hundreds of value-added packages.

Taking estate guidelines into account, add the confidence of fixed prices, all site costs, a host of luxury inclusions – and packages make a lot of sense!

Already have land?

Henley Certainty fixed pricing is available in popular land estates across Melbourne. Ask us today about our extensive list of Certainty estates. Provide the details of your block within one of our Certainty estates, and we can assess its suitability for fixed price Certainty.

Our expert House and Land team are currently packaging up our best homes, with the most recent land releases to ensure we’re bringing you the latest and most enviable House and Land packages.

Our guarantees

The confidence we have
in our work and our people
is reflected in the fact we offer
the most comprehensive array
of guarantees and support
in Australia.

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