Safe Sites

We are committed to zero danger on site

Our zero danger commitment ensures we are building beautiful homes safely, each and every day.

Throughout construction we will make sure it’s a safe place for our building trades and suppliers, with our zero danger approach.

This philosophy stems throughout the Henley business, with Managing Director Rob Bowen stating that the business will ensure that everyone has what they need, so that they can work safely.

At Henley, this includes an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) policy, which goes above and beyond industry standard.

  • We actively identify, eliminate and reduce risks to the greatest extent practicable
  • We strictly adhere to all legal obligations, responsibilities, Acts, regulations and Codes, as well as Standards and safety guides, with a dedicated Field Officer and coordinator
  • We set annual OH&S goals and targets, with six monthly reviews
  • We deliver comprehensive safety and site training, as well as inductions
  • We actively educate, communicate and inform staff, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders on relevant OH&S guidelines, issues and hazards
  • We focus on continual improvement.

Onsite, you might notice the Henley safety difference:

  • Void platform and edge protection, installed prior to commencing top level walls and floors
  • A “two plank” in place prior to the trusses being installed. This eliminates risk of falls from height and helps our trades complete their task with ease
  • Twice weekly safety inspections by supervisors and bi-monthly inspections by head office. We also conduct yearly audits of our onsite OH&S results.

Partnering with the industry’s leading safety advisor, Buildsafe, also ensures trades and suppliers are familiar with our designs and the building requirements relevant to their products and tools, minimising potential risks.

Henley is also apart of the Victorian Volume Builders Safety Alliance and is proudly one of only two builders to hold and ASN4801 Certification. This is currently the highest level of Workplace Health and Safety standard outlined by the government.

We are currently being assessed for the brand new safety ISO45001 Certification, which will be launched in 2018 as the leading international organisational safety standard.

While a Henley home will be your safe place to live, when we build it we are determined to deliver a zero danger workplace.